Can Dogs eat breadsticks

Can the dog eat breadsticks? It is a very popular food in the home, but can we offer it to them too or are there risks? Let’s see in the article. The well-being of the four-legged friend passes above all through their diet, because it is precisely what it eats that provides them with the right energy to … Read more

Iron-rich dog foods

Dog’s diet must consist of the nutrients it needs. Here are the iron-rich foods for dogs. Nutrition is a very important factor for the health of our four-legged friend, if not the most important. In fact, a correct diet can prevent many diseases in our furry friend. A diet is correct when our friend receives all the … Read more

Nutrition of the Karst Sheepdog: quantity, frequency and foods

Nutrition of the Karst Sheepdog: the right diet for this proud, strong and resistant breed of dog from Slovenia. Knowing the essential nutrients, quantities and frequency of meals with which to feed your Karst Sheepdog is essential for the health of the animal. Many people make the mistake of feeding an inordinate amount of food just because … Read more

Vegetarian recipes for dogs: the best and healthiest dishes

Vegetarian recipes for dogs that please their greedy palate? Here are the creative dishes you can easily prepare in your own kitchen. Owning four-legged friends means above all taking care of their general well-being and, specifically, of their daily nutrition. Lovers of these animals know it well, each breed is different from the other and each trust … Read more

Recipes for Cake for Dogs

Dog biscuits, like homemade dog biscuits or cat biscuits, are a tasty treat for your pet. And, as they are made at home, you can choose the ingredients and their quality, which allows you to avoid compounds that can cause allergies to the dog, as well as artificial additives or preservatives that are not recommended. These are two cakes recipes for the dog … Read more