Nutrition of the Irish Glen of imaal Terrier: foods, quantity

What should never be missing in the nutrition of the Irish Glen of imaal Terrier? Useful advice and information on your diet.

It is not at all easy to figure out for yourself the type of food best suited to our four-legged friend and, moreover, it could also make them take risks for their health. So a trusted veterinarian will certainly be able to give us excellent advice, but for an owner it is always advisable to know as much as possible about the feeding of the Irish Glen of imaal Terrier, if you want to adopt one.

Nutrition of the Irish Glen of imaal Terrier: choosing the right foods

For this Terrier with Nordic origins, in reality the choice of food has always been the industrial one (or in any case the most widespread): in fact this dog must be accustomed since a puppy to a food of excellent quality, whether home or industrial.

Since it is not a well-known dog in our area, the information on its ideal diet is limited to giving indications on excellent quality kibble. Apparently, therefore, it is essential that it is industrial food, on which you should never go to ‘save’.

Nutrition of the Irish Glen of imaal Terrier: doses and frequency of meals

But how many times a day should an Irish Glen of imaal Terrier eat? Fortunately for them, this is not a dog that gains weight easily: constant physical activity and movement give them the possibility of not gaining weight easily. Although there is no risk of canine overweight, it is best not to overdo the portions.

And how many times a day should we feed them food? It seems that the ideal is to limit yourself to twice a day. But based on the dog’s age, physical activity and general health, it may also be useful to combine the food into a single meal a day.

The possible risks of the Irish Glen of imaal Terrier diet

In reality, if we always opt for excellent quality food, be it industrial or homemade, the risks of problems will be almost nil. It is important that the dog receives the right amount of energy from the meal to face their working days.

Furthermore, it is a dog that adapts very easily to the type of diet that is offered, so it should never show capricious towards one food rather than another.

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