Dog Breeds compatible with the Irish Glen of imaal Terrier

What dogs and other animals could it get along with? Everything you should know about breeds compatible with the Irish Glen of imaal Terrier.

Finding a company for our pet is not always so easy, as cohabitation problems could easily arise. Of course, much depends on the character of the dog in question and on their ability to adapt to company: this is why it is therefore important to know which breeds are compatible with the Irish Glen of imaal Terrier to avoid unpleasant domestic accidents of cohabitation.

Irish Glen of imaal Terrier: all about their character

Apparently as a Terrier it is a rather sensitive and affectionate specimen: this Irish breed loves to be with its favorite human and, more generally, with all the members of its family (especially if they are children, the best companions game for them).

It is absolutely tireless and certainly requires not only patience but also a good dose of energy to keep up with them and ‘keep up with them’. From their ancestors it has in fact inherited the passion and inclination for hunting and is not at all interested in being a guardian: it is too sociable not to make friends even with people it does not know. But does the same apply to animals? Here’s what we found.

Breeds compatible with the Irish Glen of imaal Terrier: the dogs they get along with

Looking at them relating to humans, we could never imagine that it is such an unsociable dog with their fellows. Unfortunately for the owners who would like so much to find them a company or would like them to adapt to the animals that are already in the house, when it comes to dogs, coexistence problems are more than frequent.

Therefore it seems it is not possible to indicate the breeds of dogs compatible with the Irish Glen of imaal Terrier as it seems not at all easy to find them. However, nothing prevents us from doing ‘tests’ or opting for a dog among the quietest, quietest and easiest to train dog breeds.

Does the Irish Glen of imaal Terrier get along well with cats?

For a dog so quarrelsome with his fellow men and with a hunter’s soul, the answer to the question of whether or not it would get along with domestic cats seems almost obvious. Yet it is surprising!

In fact, it seems that this breed, if used since a puppy, to share spaces and owners with a cat, could adapt well to its presence. If perhaps a friendship does not arise, they could certainly ‘peacefully’ ignore each other without quarrels and fights that would inevitably involve the whole family.

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