Hearing loss in older dogs: causes, symptoms, therapy

Hearing loss in older dogs, a very common problem in old age. Let’s see, here, the main causes with the typical symptoms and what is the expected cure for fido.

The dog is an animal with a thousand qualities, which make it one of the most appreciated domestic companions. Their nose and intelligence make them a furry friend with whom to share infinite life experiences. But when trusty begins to age, some problems can arise. For example, hearing loss in older dogs is one of them. Let’s deepen in the article.

Hearing loss in older dogs: causes and symptoms

Unfortunately, this is a very widespread phenomenon in the species. As we age, physical and even mental problems begin to appear, and not being able to hear as before is among the most common risks. We read, below, the triggering causes and its symptoms.

The four-legged friend is always happy to listen to their master. Approaching when it is called, it observes for minutes and minutes the human friend, joyful to interact and learn from them.

Among the abilities of trust there is that of being able to hear around them and even from a distance, presences and noises that lead them to be immediately alert.

Canine hearing is highly developed compared to that of humans but, despite this power, the animal can risk losing hearing, as a puppy and, above all, as an elderly person.

In fact, over the years, hearing loss in older dogs is a typical condition. This can be partial, that is, bau can still hear the high sounds, or total, so the hairy can no longer hear anything.

Furthermore, hearing loss can be unilateral, that is, it affects only one ear, or bilateral, it affects both ears.

An important detail in the eventual deafness of the dog concerns its perception of sound. Because, when a sound is emitted, dog perceives it thanks to the vibrations of it, which pass through each ear.

When there is hearing loss, the dog no longer perceives these vibrations bouncing off the outer surface.

The main problems of senility in dogs

Your dog facing old age is forced to face not only general fatigue, the progressive loss of energy (and enthusiasm) but also all those typical problems of the aging process.  

In particular, hearing loss in older dogs can be caused by various factors, including injury to the eardrumtrauma to the nerve pathways connecting to the brain, earwax plugs, otitis in dogs, as well as possible intoxications and a natural predisposition.

With advancing age, the animal’s perceptions decrease, as both sight and hearing are fatigued and the trust response to external stimuli is no longer the same as before.

Other symptoms such as difficulty in simpler movements, fatigue, excessive sleep, episodes of behavioral disturbances may be noted in the furry dog.

Dog elder and their hearing: therapy

A dog who has lost their hearing or no longer hears well needs all the support and understanding from their owner every day. Just as credit changes, so does our approach to them. Let’s keep reading later.

As we have seen, hearing loss in older dogs can be caused by different circumstances, some typical of the natural aging process.

In such a delicate condition, the loved one feels weakened and lost in their daily difficulties, unable to respond to calls and not understanding what is happening around them.

To understand what bau is going through, the first thing to do is to have them checked by their vet, to understand the extent and cause of the ear disorder.

It is clear that a dog unable to hear us will need our constant presence, in every activity of their day. At mealtimes, we will bring them closer to their plate, as well as for whatever it has to do as needed.

Hearing loss in older dogs: constant attention and understanding

The approach changes in relation to their limits, so that the situation does not weigh on them excessively and does not affect their mood as well.

The cure for credit will depend on the triggering cause. While the vet will identify the cause of deafness (partial or total), the peaceful life of the dog will depend on us and on the love we feel for them.

Especially when dog is away from home with us, we must remember that it cannot sense the movements and pick up sounds behind them, therefore maximum attention while walking.

We pay close attention to cleaning the ears (once or twice a week) and to the general hygiene of the animal, because any carelessness can involve various areas of the body.

If the deafness of the elderly dog ​​is irreversible, unfortunately there will be no medicine or therapy able to cure it.

We can make sure that bau spends their senility in harmony, without too many complications and fears.

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