Irish Terrier : dog breed appearance, character, training, care, health

Among all the physical characteristics of the Irish Terrier we highlight that it is active, lively, agile and muscular, it is a strong and resistant animal, with an elegant appearance; much more the rest of terrier dogs. The Irish Terrier is a dog with a strong and muscular build, but not heavy or coarse. Its body structure denotes agility, vivacity and elegance. How is … Read more

Signs that show that your dog loves you

If it behaves like this, it means I’m important! All the signs of a dog that loves us and how it shows me love. How many times have we asked ourselves: ‘Does she really love me? Am I important to him? What would he do if I weren’t there?’. These are all questions from a master in love with … Read more

Why do dogs like poop? What is coprophagia in dogs?

Why do dogs like poop? It may happen to notice episodes of coprophagia in dog. But what are the reasons? Let’s find out, along with all the recommended remedies. Four-legged friends often perform very curious gestures in the eyes of a master. There are many behaviors that dog assumes, over time, and to which it is difficult to immediately … Read more

How to celebrate your dog’s birthday

Celebrating with the dog? What better time than their birthday to have fun with dog? Let’s find out all the ways to make them even happier. We can make the dog’s birthday unforgettable by organizing a beautiful party and making them have so much fun. A great gift for dear dog, who deserves the best. Let’s see, then, how to … Read more

What a newly arrived puppy needs: shopping advice

Have you just adopted a little ball of fur and don’t know what to buy? Let’s see what a newly arrived puppy needs. Adopting a puppy is a responsible choice and a fantastic experience. However, before welcoming a small ball of fur into the house, it is advisable to know what our four-legged friend needs. In the following … Read more

Dog breeds that are at risk in cold temperatures

Our furry friends suffer from low temperatures. Here are the dog breeds most at risk from the cold and how to protect them from frost. The cold has arrived and we are all ready to cover ourselves with sweaters, coats and anything else that can keep us warm. But our four-legged friends? Although our furry friends have … Read more

Common health issues of the English Mastiff

What are the diseases of the Mastiff? What pathologies can this dog breed considered to be among the largest in the world suffer from? Let’s find out together. In this article, we will learn about the diseases of the Mastiff, a dog breed of English origin. Taking care of them is a priority and a duty, which guarantees a long … Read more