Signs that show that your dog loves you

If it behaves like this, it means I’m important! All the signs of a dog that loves us and how it shows me love. How many times have we asked ourselves: ‘Does she really love me? Am I important to him? What would he do if I weren’t there?’. These are all questions from a master in love with … Read more

Puppy Tolerant Dogs: Furry dogs who get along with other dogs

Dogs that tolerate puppies and live well in their company. They are the most recommended specimens if you want to have more than one dog at home. Let’s find out, together, which are the friendliest breeds. Four-legged friends can be great companions for other pets too. Natural predisposition and good education allow dogs to coexist with different species … Read more

Jealous and protective dog: causes, signs and remedies

Jealous and protective dog towards their beloved owner? Behavior that has specific causes and signs to watch out for. Let’s read here, with the recommended remedies. The four-legged friend can bond a lot with their master. Between the furry and the human, in fact, over time a beautiful and sincere friendship is established, from which the domestic companion … Read more

Why do dogs throw up on the carpet?

Vomiting is a symptom that can occur for various reasons. But why does the dog throw up right on the carpet? Let’s find out together. Sharing your life with a four-legged friend is a truly fantastic experience. Having your furry friend waiting when we get home is one of the most beautiful things that can happen during the … Read more

Do Dogs recognize the smell of our emotions

How does dog understand how we feel? Use the sense of smell: According to research, dogs recognize emotions through smell. As abstract concepts as they may seem to us, even moods such as joy and sadness have a smell, which our four-legged friend is able to perceive through the sense of smell. This is supported by a … Read more

Do dogs have memories?

Age influences the fact that a dog has more developed its ability to save its memories The dog has the capacity to store long-term memories, especially if they are the result of learning based on repetition when they are puppies . If you want your dog to memorize certain information, repeat it back to him and reward him when he … Read more

Is your dog left-handed or right-handed?

Dogs can be left-handed or right-handed, and this laterality influences their character, creativity and even possible aggressiveness, according to some scientists. Like people, dogs can also be left-handed or right-handed . Knowing it can be important. Various investigations link different patterns of the dog’s character with the fact that it uses its left or right paw more , among them, the … Read more