Jealous and protective dog: causes, signs and remedies

Jealous and protective dog towards their beloved owner? Behavior that has specific causes and signs to watch out for. Let’s read here, with the recommended remedies.

The four-legged friend can bond a lot with their master. Between the furry and the human, in fact, over time a beautiful and sincere friendship is established, from which the domestic companion receives only positive things. Yet, strange behaviors may occur in them, such as when it cannot detach itself from them. Let’s see, then, how to deal with a  jealous and protective dog.

Jealous and protective dog: main causes and signs

Dog’s behavior is always influenced by factors that have to do with their daily life and their relationship with humans. Let’s read, specifically, the causes and symptoms of his excessive jealousy and protection towards his master.

Fido strongly believes in friendship with his human master and, every day, it expresses their affection through actions and gestures that confirm it.

Sometimes, however, it can happen that the relationship between the dog and its master becomes so intense that it is difficult for the pet to detach itself from the reference figure.

A feeling of great jealousy and excessive protection towards the master can arise in dog, such as to arouse concern and discomfort in them.

Unfortunately, a jealous and protective dog is not a good sign, even if it may be pleasing at first, because it means that the furry dog ​​is insecure and could even become aggressive .

If your dog shows signs of constant possessiveness, it absolutely needs to be re -educated , with the help of an expert, as we will see later in the article.

Mistakes in dog training

First, we need to understand how such behavior is triggered in dog. Well, it is precisely in their education that the triggering causes must be sought.

If the animal assumes this wrong attitude towards its master, the error lies in poor socialization , as the dog is no longer able to see its dominant role.

According to Bau, the excessive protection and jealousy towards the human derives from the incapacity of being able to defend itself from possible dangers in their life.

Failing to see the master as a human capable of surviving on their own strength, dog feels responsible for their safety, treating them as a member of the pack.

Jealous and protective dog – a serious danger to everyone around them

The roles in the family are reversed and the furry friend becomes the true defender of their owner. You may notice signs of this reaction in your dog, such as the following:

  • The dog barks at all the people around its owner, especially at strangers in the area.
  • The dog pulls on the leash, trying to attack their own kind.
  • The dog is hyperactive (hence, insecure).

If you have a jealous and protective dog, you run the risk of seeing them become aggressive and threatening towards anyone, a danger to others who approach them, inside and outside the home.

Insecure dog will always be ready to defend itself, showing their teeth, and to protect their master from everything around them.

As we have said, these are not normal acts of love but, instead, a serious behavioral problem in the animal.

Dog and his behavior: what to do

A dog suffering from hyperactivity and excessive protection towards the master must be re-educated with the right teachings on their part. Let’s see how to help them change their behavior.

We have said that protective dog can be a danger to itself and to others, people and animals alike.

Therefore, it is necessary to act to solve their behavioral problem, starting from scratch and teaching them rules and commands, on socialization and coexistence.

The dog will have to understand, again, that it is the owner who dominates and dictates the rules in the relationship with them. Bau will have to recognize them as a master and not as a weak person to protect.

Let’s start with the basic commands, for example “sit” and “stop here” and, when it answers correctly, we can reward them with their favorite morsels.

Educating them to live away from home is equally essential, for their safety and that of those around them. We must prevent the furry from becoming a public danger.

We teach how to behave on a leash. Dog will have to know how to move without pulling too much and without following the instinct to run and attack other dogs.

We use a harness and a long adjustable leash, which will avoid oppression and dangerous tugging.

Every time you run the risk of meeting their fellows, you will have to stop and wait for them to pass, and then start again, always rewarding dog’s good conduct.

The very jealous and insecure dog perceives the mood of their human. So let’s show them how well we treat others, being kind to everyone, even strangers.

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