Hair care of the Chinese crested dog: from grooming to hygiene

Chinese crested dog coat care: everything you need to know from grooming to bathing this nearly naked dog breed.

In this article, we will suggest how to take care of the grooming, but above all of the total body hygiene of the Chinese crested dog.

You will see how useful all this information relating to the type of coat and skin of this particular dog breed will come back. So let’s see how to take care of the Chinese crested dog.

The care of the coat of the Chinese crested dog: type of coat

In this article, as previously mentioned, we are going to suggest you just how to take care of the coat of the Chinese crested dog, starting from the physical characteristics up to the type of coat. 

The main characteristic of the breed is the almost absent hair. There are two varieties Hairless (hairless) and Powder Puff (hairless).

The hairless variety has a crest on the head that extends partly along the neck, “socks” covering the toes, and a plume on the tail. The rest of the body is, as its name indicates, hairless.

It is necessary to dedicate yourself constantly to the care of his skin: it can get irritated and inflamed easily.

The hairless variety (Powder Puff) is covered entirely with a veil of long, soft hair.

This breed should be brushed every day, and first moistening the hair to prevent the thin part from breaking. For colors, all blends, tones and shades are accepted.

So let’s see how to take care of the coat of the Chinese crested dog, even if little.

Chinese crested dog skin care accessories

The Chinese crested dog, having very little hair, does not require brushing but in any case needs care, all aimed at its skin.

The use of a non-greasy cream, to avoid blocking the pores of the skin and hydrating it to the fullest.

It must be spread on all parts of the body in summer as in winter. Be careful, because it can also develop blackheads.

Body hygiene and bath of the Chinese crested dog

Body hygiene is fundamental in the dog, as in any other being in this world.

This is an aspect that most likely raises concern at first, due to commitment, but which immediately becomes a routine operation.

It is not possible to underestimate this operation, as it serves to avoid any pathologies of the Chinese Crested dog due to the lack of cleanliness, as well as avoiding bad smells and having an ugly dog ​​to see.

The areas of the body to take care of are: eyes, ears, mouth and nails of the dog.

The eyes, like the ears, are the most delicate and simple areas to take care of, a sterile gauze and hydrogen peroxide will suffice to eliminate all impurities.

While, for the mouth there are specific toothbrushes and toothpastes for dogs that can be purchased in specialized stores.

Finally, when cutting the nails, it is necessary to evaluate the length and then let a professional or the veterinarian take care of it during the control visit.

As for the bath of the Chinese Crested dog, at least once a week if it leads an active life, with runs in the open air.

In particular, the hairless variety requires frequent bathing to keep the skin healthy.

It is recommended that you cleanse and moisturize your dog’s skin regularly, especially in the summer. The skin can burn from prolonged exposure.

Remember to dry it only by dabbing the skin with a soft terry towel, never rubbing it.

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