Adopt a Chinese crested dog: character, lifestyle and ideal owner

Adopting a Chinese crested dog: everything you need to know to know this breed and understand how the ideal owner must be.

In this article, we will try to dispel all your doubts regarding the physical and character characteristics of the Chinese crested dog.

In fact, it is good to retrieve as much information as possible, before getting to adopt a Chinese crested dog.

Very often, some breeds hide points in favor but also many against that they would have been useful to know them beforehand.

Adopting a Chinese crested dog: character and ideal owner

Before adopting a Chinese crested dog it is advisable to know its positive but also its negative sides.

To find out all this news, it is essential to start with basic information on the character, lifestyle and who can be the ideal owner for this breed.

This is why we will start from the origins of the Chinese crested dog. We know of this race as originating in China, but in reality there is no evidence that it comes from this nation.

However, some legends lead us to think so. It is said, in fact, that Chinese seafarers kept the dogs on the ship and exchanged them with local merchants.

At that time, this breed was used as a guard of house treasures and, in the largest and heaviest size, as hunting dogs.

The Chinese crested dog is a small, lively and graceful dog with a medium to fine bone structure and a smooth, hairless body.

The hair appears only on the feet, on the head and on the tail; in the other variety it is covered with a soft veil of hair.

It measures from 28 to 33 cm, the females a little less, and its weight in any case must not exceed 5.5 kg.

It is a companion dog, lively, affectionate and alert, it appears detached with strangers, but turns out to be the best friend as soon as it becomes familiar.

It has a strong character but knows how to be with children and manages to establish a good relationship with them, without ever being aggressive. The same behavior it takes with other dogs.

The ideal owner for this breed is certainly not a lazy person. It can be a family as well as a single, even at the first experience.

A person who likes to play and walk, but above all who has time to devote to them not only for cuddling but also for the care of the dog’s coat and skin.

Lifestyle of the Chinese crested dog

Knowing only the character of the breed very often is not enough to understand how compatible it can be with our life, so we will also get to know the lifestyle.

The Chinese crested dog, being a companion dog, needs the proximity of its owner, to play and walk.

It does not like to be alone at home, which is why it can behave destructively if it is alone for a long time.

This dog needs special care, it is necessary to pay attention to the skin both during the summer and during the winter.

It is essential to moisturize it to avoid damage and sunburn. This breed should be brushed every day, and first moistening the hair to prevent the thin part from breaking.

The hairless variety of Chinese Crested dog requires frequent bathing to keep their skin healthy.

Furthermore, the pathologies that can affect this breed are: patella luxation, progressive retinal atrophy, glaucoma, lens luxation.

The Chinese crested dog, all in all, has a life expectancy of around 12-13 years.

As for the cost, a puppy with a certified pedigree has a price that is around 700-900 USD.

Always contact farms, which can guarantee the integrity of the breed.

There are at least 12 farms of this breed, of which 5 in Lombardy. The others are in Tuscany, a couple, and then in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Umbria, Emilia Romagna and Puglia.

This was the main information about the breed. If you also need some suggestions for the name to give to your puppy and other news, in this article you will find many other curiosities about the Chinese crested dog.

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