Puppy Tolerant Dogs: Furry dogs who get along with other dogs

Dogs that tolerate puppies and live well in their company. They are the most recommended specimens if you want to have more than one dog at home. Let’s find out, together, which are the friendliest breeds.

Four-legged friends can be great companions for other pets too. Natural predisposition and good education allow dogs to coexist with different species and, of course, with other puppies in the house, especially if they are still small. We know dogs that tolerate puppies.

The good tolerance of furry friends

Always good friends of human beings, dogs know how to show respect and deep affection even towards other animals and their kind, keeping puppies at heart. Let’s read more below.

Getting along with your dog is easy, with a good dose of patience and understanding, along with all the values ​​you want to teach them, day by day.

Dogs are considered by many to be animals capable of establishing a deep bond with those who take care of them.

Well, furry people also have this predisposition with animals and their kind. Some dog breeds, in fact, willingly tolerate the presence of other dogs in the same house.

Due to a natural propensity and thanks to a personality suitable for coexistence with others, these dog breeds get along with other furry ones, without creating too many problems.

These specimens can stand next to the puppies that have just arrived in the new family and babysit for the little creatures who are unable to defend themselves and look after themselves.

It is precisely with puppies that certain specimens give the utmost attention and constant help, keeping an eye on them, sleeping together and giving lots of cuddles.

Not all dogs are so sociable and sensitive, with a sweet and meek character, that they can be friends with other dogs in the same domestic environment, for territorial and domination reasons.

So, there are some super recommended dog breeds for owners who intend to expand their family.

Dogs that tolerate puppies: here are the most common specimens

The specimens we will talk about later are an example of tolerance and respect, as well as protection and love for their little ones. Let’s read more about the features and curiosities.

The dog breeds that tolerate puppies  are:

  • Great Dane;
  • Bernese mountain dog;
  • Pyrenean Mountain Dog;
  • Golden Retrievers;
  • Labrador Retrievers;
  • Australian Shepherd.

Great Dane

The first, among the dogs that tolerate puppies, is the giant Great Dane. A big dog whose appearance is deceiving, because it is very good.

The Great Dane is truly a special dog, as it has a peaceful and calm character, especially with the small dogs it loves to take care of. It is considered the best friend of all animals, furry kind and affectionate towards all their family.

Bernese mountain dog

Another dog that tolerates puppies well is the Bernese Mountain Dog. This large dog is protective of both children and puppies.

true babysitter for newcomer pooches, the  Bernese Mountain Dog is docile, affectionate and playful with all members of the family. If it realizes that something is wrong, it immediately runs to help to defend those it loves from possible danger.

Pyrenean mountain dog

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog is also a great defender of the little ones in the house, therefore also of furry puppies. Let’s see here.

Famous and appreciated for being an excellent shepherd dog, the Pyrenean Mountain Dog is immediately active in the protection of the animals that are entrusted to them by their master. In fact, this dog treats all the others as their equal, it is enough to educate them to this from an early age.

Golden Retrievers

The sweet Golden Retriever could not be missing, an animal with a deep instinct of protection towards other creatures.

The  Golden Retriever, with a noble and kind soul, is a great lover of other animals, enthusiastic about being their friend and defender. If we are talking about small dogs, the thought of them will be only that of loving them as if they were their own.

Labrador retrievers

The Labrador Retriever is also inevitable, a friendly and reliable specimen if you want to give protection to puppies.

No one cares more about small puppies in the home than the Labrador Retriever. For this gentle and sweet large dog, the general well-being of others always comes first. It is a furry dog ​​suitable for those who have children and want more dogs in their family.

Australian Shepherd

Finally, among the dogs that tolerate puppies, we find the beautiful and devoted Australian Shepherd. We are talking about a perfect specimen for those who own puppies.

Attentive, intelligent and always active, the Australian Shepherd puts all their will into making those it loves happy. Perfect for coexistence with other animals, this dog has a strong protective instinct towards those who live with them. Therefore, with them the puppies will be safe.

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