The dog is always hungry: does he really need to eat or should I be worried?

Is your dog always hungry? Does he really have to eat or does it have any problems? Let’s find out together in the following article.

Living with a four-legged friend means taking care of them and observing any type of behavior that may be different from usual.

Sometimes it can happen during the coexistence with dog that the latter, after having eaten their daily food, can ask for more food. How come? Does it really need to eat? Let’s see in the following article why the dog is always hungry and when it is cause for concern.

The dog is always hungry: here’s why

It often happens, living with a four-legged friend, that the latter after eating their daily food, when we are at the table begging for food, just as if it had never eaten.

This behavior could make us think that perhaps we are not feeding our furry friend enough or that perhaps dog has some disorder. But let’s see specifically what are the reasons why a dog is always hungry.

Dog is greedy

It is known that dogs are very greedy animals, so our furball is most likely always hungry because it has more appetite than other dogs. We can in fact find this characteristic in the Great Dane but also in the French Bulldog.

However, although our furball is greedy, you have to pay attention to the way it eats. In fact, greedy dogs tend to eat quickly, this behavior can cause important risks such as:

  • Digestive disorders
  • Torsion syndrome

The dog is a puppy

If a puppy is always hungry, it is necessary to know that in general small dogs eat a lot because they have to grow up, in fact in the first week of life the dog doubles its weight.

This need arises during the growth of dog and has a duration that varies according to the size of the dogs : in small dogs it can last up to 10 months, in large dogs up to 15 months while in giant dogs even 2 years.


Another reason your dog is always hungry is because it has been spayed. In fact, this type of operation tends to increase dog’s appetite and decrease energy requirements.

This is precisely why you need to pay attention to the weight of the dog, to prevent it from becoming obese. It could also be useful advice to the vet.

Not much food

It can be difficult to know exactly how to feed a furry friend, as a dog’s diet depends on the breed and its needs.

For example, if our four-legged friend spends time outdoors, runs or carries out any type of activity that releases energy, it will probably need more food, which is why it may be hungry.

That’s when you need to worry

As we have seen, there are many reasons why dogs are always hungry. However, there are also some ailments that can affect our dog, which will exhibit this behavior.

In fact, even dogs can suffer from anorexia and bulimia (even if there is no induced vomiting). Furthermore, anxiety can also lead our four-legged friend to eat more, while stress causes them to behave in the opposite way.

Other health ailments that can lead our furry friend to eat more are: digestive disorders, parasitic infections, high heart rate.

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