The dog runs away when you scold him: what you need to know

The dog runs away when we scold them. A phrase that happens to hear often and that leads to questions. Let’s see, together, what are the common mistakes with dog.

In coexistence with the four-legged friend, situations may arise in which it is not always possible to remain calm and in which it is not obedient to our commands. Consequently, the furry can act on instinct and take risky actions. Let’s see why the dog runs away when we scold themand what to do to stop having this reaction.

The dog runs away when we scold them: all the reasons

It is a behavior that can occur following a punishment or a reprimand from its owner. But what does it mean when dog does this? Let’s look at all the possible reasons here.

Coexistence with your four-legged friend, in order to be pleasant and happy, must necessarily be based on rules and teachings given by its owner.

Especially when it’s still a puppy, the dog must receive a good education, as well as socialization, with the aim of growing up in a correct and healthy way.

Sometimes, then, it may not be enough to focus on certain teachings, because many of dog’s reactions may depend on their personality and the relationship established with the human.

It can happen, for example, to see your dog running away after it has done something wrong in our opinion. The point is that one wonders: why does the dog run away when we scold them? What are the reasons that lead them to run away?

It’s a common reaction in many specimens and there’s a lot to understand about them when this occurs. At the same time, there is constant concern in the dog owner that the dog runs away and needs to be understood.

A furry one who runs away from their owner and from the house can find itself in danger in contexts it does not know and with the risk of running into other animals.

Dog doesn’t feel like it belongs in the family

If dog is scolded, conflicting emotions are unleashed in them which lead them to feel insecure and uncomfortable about what happened. For them, it is not easy to understand all human intentions.

Taken by the stress and disappointment of the moment, for having made their master unhappy or angry, the dog will tend to run away as it is unable to feel an integral part of the family.

This behavior of dog can therefore hide a feeling of restlessness and many strong emotions that are more difficult for them to manage.

As much as the furry one tries to understand certain human actions, it can not intuit certain attitudes, such as being reprimanded for an incorrect action.

Although a dog obeys their master’s commands, if it is repeatedly reproached for something it feels wrong and judged, therefore not really understood by those who love them.

The fact is that the pet should never be scolded, in the sense as we humans understand it, because you only risk making them feel bad and worsen their behavior.

Dog runs away from their master: how to act

We need to understand that we don’t need to turn into a different master when the dog does the wrong thing in everyday life. Instead, it is advisable to remain as you are, acting calmly towards them. Let’s read how to intervene in this regard.

To understand why the dog runs away when you scold it, you need to be aware of the type of approach you choose to have with your dog.

When dog assumes an unwanted attitude, it’s really useless to get angry and yell at them, starting to give them a long speech that would be incomprehensible to them anyway.

Bau must be made to understand that it is carrying out a wrong action, yes, but keeping the right calm and exclaiming the classic “No!” to create the association with something negative, that it can remember in the future.

The dog runs away when you scold them: work to reassure them

If the dog has run away it is because it doesn’t think it has been accepted by their owner.

So, to bring them home and keep them calm, you have to reassure them about all those things it wants to have: love, security, food, understanding, affection.

Spending much more time with dog even outdoors and, if you have space outside available, is the right way to make them feel free and accepted.

At the beginning, in order not to make them want to run away, while it gets used to a new and more mature human behavior, you have to distract them and keep them busy in many activities, assigning them specific tasks that can stimulate them and let them vent their energies.

Let’s reward them when it does something good and behaves well, accompanying them with caresses and kind words, which can make them feel like a member of the family again.

In this way, Bau will no longer have a reason to run away from those it loves and will learn to behave better in some situations.

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