Small breed dogs and their education

Some small dogs can be territorial and barking, but with proper education these characteristics are minimized. Some small breed dogs, such as the Yorkshire terrier or the Chihuahua, have a reputation for being difficult to educate and for ” having bad fleas .” But what is true about it? Experts believe that the difficulty in teaching a dog is not a matter … Read more

5 Fun Dog toys from plastic bottles

Homemade toys for dogs made from plastic bottles are loud, free and great fun for dogs The dogs need play and also enjoy new toys regularly. The unpublished dog dolls stimulate their intelligence and will also make them happy. For this reason, homemade dog toys with plastic bottles are a fun alternative that, in addition, does not require spending money to make … Read more

The danger of electric dog collars

Electric collars to educate dogs proliferate in Spain, but some nations have already banned them due to the possible risks they imply for the animal These types of devices are used to educate the dogs, with the help of the electrical impulses that they transmit to the neck of the animal and that are controlled through a … Read more

Games to stimulate the dog’s ear

Sound dog games stimulate the dog’s intelligence while keeping his mind active A dog with an active mind is a happier animal. Sound games not only help us to stimulate the dog’s intelligence. They are also a way to avoid canine boredom and, in this way, unwanted behaviours, such as destroying furniture at home, excessive barking or overly dependent … Read more