The elderly dog ​​is always scared: what is important to know

Does the senior dog always get scared? A typical attitude arrived in the age of aging. Let’s see, together, the main reasons and advice on how to act.

With advancing age, even the four-legged friend begins to change approach in all aspects of their daily life, assuming attitudes to which their master is never ready, but to which it is good to prepare in order to be next to them. in the right way. Today, let’s see the common reasons why older dogs always get scared at home and how to fix them.

The old dog is always scared: the main reasons

In the home environment, there can be several disturbing or, in any case, annoying factors for an older specimen. For trusty in old age it is difficult to bear certain things. Let’s go deeper below.

We are always used to having our furry friend next to us with their incredible energy and the inexhaustible enthusiasm it puts into all situations of the day.

This condition of almost constant vivacity and joy can change, however, from one moment to the next, or rather, after so many years that it has been adopted.

Well, even for the pet the advancing age is something difficult to carry on the paws, and every activity becomes more complicated to carry out.

Even in contact with humans, the dog is always scared and for factors that we would never have thought of.

The aging of the animal does not only concern them from a physical point of view but also from a mental point of view. We refer to the reactions of bau to external stimuli and to the contexts in which it finds itself, different from before. What it once appreciated, with seniority it no longer tolerates.

In addition to increased fatigue and the inevitable shedding of the dog’s coat, its behavior changes profoundly.

Annoying sounds and weak eyesight

Having entered the third age and based on its characteristics and predispositions, an elderly dog ​​can no longer hear well, any loud sound or noise in the house can scare it!

Be careful, therefore, to turn on the appliances or the noisiest tools when bau is nearby, because this could generate a lot of fear in them.

Failing to understand what is happening, the dog is afraid of the dishwasher, for example, as well as other objects in people’s homes.

Fido, elderly and perhaps ill, could get agitated if it suddenly stays in the dark. Because the dog loses their balance easily when it is older, it can start vocalizing, barking until their owner returns.

A condition of agitation and confusion in the dog is quite normal in this more delicate phase of his existence, in which he feels disoriented and helpless.

Often, this state of fear and disorientation is generated by a deeper health problem, which must be investigated.

Fido elder and their behavior: how to act

The consequences of aging in dogs are different and affect various aspects of their life, together with us. Therefore, it is up to their master to have all those precautions that can make their daily life easier. Let’s read more later.

As we have seen, senility can bring many disadvantages to your dog’s daily life, which is why our presence is even more appreciated.

Alongside faithful elderly, we can make ourselves guardians and guardians of their safety and their emotional state, avoiding unnecessary pain and fears at home.

The old dog is always scared: caution and a lot of patience

Patience and understanding must be the rules on which to build a new approach with bau senior, so that it can be a support and also the friend it has always counted on.

If the elderly dog ​​tends to be frightened by things that, to our eyes, appear stupid and fleeting, for them they are amplified and serious, because it cannot manage and know them as we do.

We avoid screaming and creating chaos in the home environment, keeping the harmony and peace it always needs.

Even in the movements around the house, we try to be cautious if we know that it is present, warning them from afar of our arrival, without playing tricks on them and using kindness in their gestures.

While before, every occasion was a reason for celebration and quick actions around them, now you need to be more tactful out of respect for them, so that it does not get frightened by the confusion around them.

Change the age of trust and we change with them, gaining an awareness of how much time passes even for the furry. We live with them every day, making them as light as possible.

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