Nutrition of the Karst Sheepdog: quantity, frequency and foods

Nutrition of the Karst Sheepdog: the right diet for this proud, strong and resistant breed of dog from Slovenia.

Knowing the essential nutrients, quantities and frequency of meals with which to feed your Karst Sheepdog is essential for the health of the animal.

Many people make the mistake of feeding an inordinate amount of food just because it is a medium to large dog.

This consideration is completely wrong, as every dog ​​must be fed with the right nutrients and adequate doses, based on factors that we will specify in this article.

Let’s see, then, what is the right diet for the Karst Sheepdog.

Nutrition of the Karst Sheepdog: quantity

The amount of food to be given to your Karst Sheepdog will certainly not be the same as any other dog. Let’s find out why.

The doses of food to be administered to the Karst Sheepdog must be calculated based not only on age, health and gender but also and above all on the basis of lifestyle.

To understand, therefore, how much food this breed of dog needs, it is advisable to know it better.

What we know is based on the origins, characteristics and other elements that can help you understand how much food this breed needs.

Starting from the origins we can say that the Ketra Sheepdog, in Slovenian kraševec or Kraški ovčar, which means shepherd of the Karst, is a breed that has spread from Istria throughout Slovenia.

It is a shepherd dog but it adapts to family life so much that it can also be used as a companion dog without any kind of problem.

However, it is not made for living in an apartment, it needs a large garden and a sports owner to take it for a walk and run.

Generally, for a puppy aged 2 to 6 months, 3-4 meals a day will be sufficient (you can find the doses on the tables indicated behind the feed).

As for an adult specimen, it is necessary to rely on the factors previously indicated and calculate the quantity with the help of the tables behind the feed.

The quantity obtained must be divided into two meals.

What to feed the Tatra Sheepdog: nutrients

The nutrition for the Karst Sheepdog to be adequate, must have all the nutrients it needs, in the right quantities.

Therefore, at each meal of the Karst Sheepdog must be presentproteins; fats; carbohydrates; vitamins and minerals.

Protein for dogs is an essential nutrient for maintaining their muscle mass and helping them stay active and in good shape.

Carbohydrates are energy that will keep you strong and active; fats are a great source of energy and provide fatty acids, useful for synthesizing prostate glands and for building cell walls.

Finally, vitamins and minerals in the right concentration are necessary for the functioning of the organism.

Having said that, the choice of providing your dog with a home diet (based on the BARF method) or normal feeds sold in specialized stores, these nutrients must never be lacking.

What not to give to the Karst Sheepdog: toxic foods

The first rule of all is to never share your food with your dog or at least not everything that’s good for you is good for your dog.

Specifically, there are some foods that can harm your Karst sheepdog’s health.

These are the same foods that can generally harm any dog’s body.

These foods are: drinks such as coffee; sweet or spicy foods; small and fragile bones (such as those of chicken and rabbit); overly seasoned or salty foods; garlic, onions, chocolate and all those toxic dog snacks.

Therefore, if you want to reward your four-legged friend, it is advisable to give them snacks specially created for dogs, if you want you can also prepare them at home.

It is essential to use fresh and genuine products for the well-being of your Karst Sheepdog.

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