Why not touch the dog’s ears?

There are many things that are said about our furry friends. Let’s see together why you shouldn’t touch the dog’s ears.

When you share your life with a four-legged friend, especially if you are a puppy, you tend to know everything that could hurt or annoy your fur ball, to avoid doing it.

One of the behaviors we shouldn’t have towards our furry friends is to stroke their ears. But how come? Let’s find out together why you shouldn’t touch the dog’s ears.

Touching the dog’s ears: why you shouldn’t do it

When we meet a dog on the street or at a friend’s house, the greatest desire is to pet it.

Although there are people who are afraid of approaching a furry friend, there are others who instead tend to approach and caress dog without thinking about a possible reaction from the latter.

Most often dogs enjoy cuddles, however, just like humans, not all dogs are the same. If the latter are not used to the presence of a human being, they may not appreciate the approach and caresses and react in an “aggressive” way.

This could happen especially when you decide to pat dog on the head. For our four-legged friends, touching the head is a sign of dominance and if the dog in question has no “relationship” with a human being, it may not tolerate the gesture, as it does not want to be submissive.

The situation changes if our furball is used to receiving cuddles on the head. However, another much discussed topic is whether or not to touch a dog’s ears, especially when they are a puppy.

In fact, it has always been said not to touch the dog’s ears when it is small. This is because since the cartilage is still forming, any trauma could cause a defect in dog’s ears.

However, this statement, according to experts, would not be true. In fact, the ears of dogs, depending on the breed, have their own time to prick up or not. In addition, many furry friends even love being patted on the ears as much as they love being stroked on the belly.

But, experts say, although dogs love being patted on the ears, one must be absolutely careful not to pull on the ears. Because dogs’ ears are sensitive and if pulled they can cause pain to our four-legged friend.

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