Can People identify their dog just by smell

Recent scientific research has revealed that people can identify their dog just by smelling them.

Although our four-legged friends have a much more developed sense of smell than ours, the olfactory abilities of the human species are not bad at all. Just think, in fact, that a study has shown that people are able to identify their dog through the smell they emanate: here’s what to know about it.

Identifying your dog by smell: this is how people do it

Our little furry friend would recognize us among a thousand, but we too would be able to do the same.

The researchers, in fact, have highlighted that those who share their lives with a four-legged friend could easily distinguish them from other pets through the sense of smell.

To prove their research thesis, the scientists conducted a two-stage experiment.

At first, the dogs were washed less frequently than usual, so that they kept their usual smell intact, and they were allowed to spend more time outdoors.

After that, the owners of the dogs were blindfolded and led into a room with 6 furry pets, including their four-legged friend. At this point, the volunteers were asked to smell them to identify which one was theirs.

The outcome of the study

The experiment showed that people are able to identify their dog by the smell emanating from their coat.

The result of the test left the scientists truly amazed, who certainly did not limit themselves to investigating this fascinating human ability.

In fact, the researchers tried to figure out who among males and females was most able to recognize their four-legged friend through the sense of smell.

In the past, similar studies had been conducted, which resulted in different outcomes.

If previous research, in fact, had shown that young men are more skilled, the new analysis found that the ability to identify their furry dog ​​based on smell is similar in both genders, without particular distinctions.

A particular aspect that the study has highlighted, finally, concerns the difference between furry ones who live in the house and dogs that spend most of their days outside.

In the first case, these are animals that are more difficult to recognize by smell, since their fur tends to absorb the smell of the owner and the house.

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