Signs that show that your dog loves you

If it behaves like this, it means I’m important! All the signs of a dog that loves us and how it shows me love.

How many times have we asked ourselves: ‘Does she really love me? Am I important to him? What would he do if I weren’t there?’. These are all questions from a master in love with their four-legged friend. Yet there are signals that the dog sends that it loves us and that it can’t do without us: just be careful to catch them and reciprocate with the same sentiment!

All the signs of a dog that loves us: what they are

It is no coincidence that it is defined as ‘man’s best friend’: probably only it can really stand by us in certain moments, both good and bad and those in which we might not want to see anyone else. The dog knows how to tell us that it loves us and it does it with behaviors that are real signals to be grasped, namely:

  • never misses an opportunity to be close to us,
  • understands when we need comfort,
  • looks at us with loving eyes,
  • it kisses and licks us when it sees us,
  • is happy to be with us and wags its tail,
  • never lets us sleep alone,
  • check our presence around,
  • brings us games to use them together.

It is obvious that a dog could only adopt some of these attitudes, but the meaning of their behavior is to never lose a moment in our company! We really are the people who not only provide for them in terms of health and nutrition, but also simply with cuddles at the end of the day.

The dog loves us: how to reciprocate his affection

And how good are we at reciprocating their feelings? In reality, the dog is ‘satisfied’ with a very minimal effort on our part, since it knows how to give their love unconditionally (and perhaps this is what often makes the relationship so special).

In addition to taking care of them with a healthy and balanced diet and without skipping periodic checks at the vet, it’s easy to reciprocate their love with a tender look, cuddles and spending as much time as possible in his company.

It’s obvious that we can’t always be with them, but as soon as we have the opportunity we could relax in their company and make them understand that their closeness is important to us too.

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