What a newly arrived puppy needs: shopping advice

Have you just adopted a little ball of fur and don’t know what to buy? Let’s see what a newly arrived puppy needs. Adopting a puppy is a responsible choice and a fantastic experience. However, before welcoming a small ball of fur into the house, it is advisable to know what our four-legged friend needs. In the following … Read more

How to care for an orphaned puppy: here’s a simple guide on everything you need

One of the things that very often, unfortunately, happens is to run into an orphaned puppy. A puppy can be orphaned for several reasons; the mother with breast problems who cannot breastfeed, or the sudden death of the same during or after childbirth, a caesarean section that prevents the mother from taking care of the baby or even worse an abandonment. The puppies born at … Read more

Puppy education for mealtime

Attitudes to adopt The education of the puppy at the table must be very strict if we want to prevent puppy from putting its two paws on the table to finish the plates or pushing your arm during the whole meal. These are attitudes that you can endure from your dog, but that you cannot make guests … Read more