What a newly arrived puppy needs: shopping advice

Have you just adopted a little ball of fur and don’t know what to buy? Let’s see what a newly arrived puppy needs.

Adopting a puppy is a responsible choice and a fantastic experience. However, before welcoming a small ball of fur into the house, it is advisable to know what our four-legged friend needs.

In the following article we will see together what a puppy needs when it has just arrived home, so as not to find itself unprepared for its needs.

What does a newly arrived puppy need?

Sharing your home with a four-legged friend can be a truly fantastic experience. However, by adopting a small ball of fur we are responsible for their well-being and their path towards growth.

For this reason, before our four-legged friend crosses the door of the house, it is necessary that the latter is equipped for their arrival, that is, it is advisable to have everything our dog needs. Here are buying tips.


The bowl is one of the main items to buy when deciding to adopt a dog, this must be suitable for the size of the puppy. It is necessary to buy 2, one for water and one for food and the use of steel bowls is recommended, as they are more hygienic and do not break.

Food and snacks

One of the most important factors to consider when adopting a four-legged friend and feeding, the latter is based on wet or dry food.

To buy the right food it is advisable to keep in mind the quality of the food and the age and size of our four-legged friend. In this case, advice from your vet could also be useful. Also don’t miss the snacks to give as a reward to the dog when it behaves well.

Kennels and collar

Just like humans, dogs also need a space to rest and a kennel or pillow to be comfortable in.

Although the choice between one and the other can be difficult, just observe the behavior of your four-legged friend to understand what it prefers between the bed and the pillow.

Furthermore, it must be remembered that initially the little ball of fur could constantly change the place to sleep, as it will feel lost. We must not reproach them if this happens but rather help them to get to know the new environment.

Another very important thing when adopting a dog is the purchase of a harnesscollar or leash. This is because, at least initially, our furry friend has to get used to walking with us. Furthermore, the use of a personalized plate could also be useful, in case dog could get away and get lost.

Hygienic pads, dustpan and hygienic bags

When you adopt a puppy, it will initially do its business around the house. This happens because dog has not yet been trained to relieve itself outside. For this reason it is necessary to keep hygienic sleepers in the house.

When our four-legged friend learns to do their business outside, it is necessary to keep a shovel and hygienic bags close at hand in order to collect their needs when we are in the park or on the street.

Puppy toys

It might seem strange, yet toys are essential for puppies, especially if we don’t want dog to ruin our furniture. In fact, toys are useful during the teething phase of our fur ball. For this reason, you need to specifically buy chew toys.

Bathroom accessories

Although dogs don’t have to be washed often, it is advisable to keep bathroom accessories at home from the very beginning of dog’s entry into our family. These include:

  • Shampoo: there are many on the market, you can also choose dry shampoo;
  • Brushes: a brush with thin bristles is recommended, however for the bath it is also possible to use special gloves for bathing dogs.

Fencing networks

Nets and fences are useful objects for the safety of puppies, especially if we allow our four-legged friends to go out on the balcony or to stay outdoors in the garden. Using these security systems we can also leave our furry friend to play freely.

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