The neighbor’s dog cries all day: what to do and who to call to help him

What to do and who to contact to report that the neighbor’s dog cries all day? Here are all the useful indications to adopt in this case.

We don’t know if it needs help because it’s sick or simply misses their owner: the fact is that the neighbor’s dog cries all day and we don’t know what to do or who to call to help them. We feel helpless and yet there is something we can do to resolve the situation and help them: all the most useful indications to adopt in this case.

The neighbor’s dog cries: what are the most probable causes

We don’t always understand what it wants to express but we are almost sure that a crying dog is not feeling well at all. It is not only about crying often but also moans, yelps and lamentations of various kinds which can have various underlying causes and which we cannot ignore at all.

In fact, unlike human beings, dog crying certainly expresses a physical or moral malaise. In fact, you might want to let us know:

  • ache,
  • fear,
  • hungry or thirsty,
  • uncontainable emotions,
  • need to perform physiological functions.

High-pitched sounds, accompanied by a low tail and lost gaze, can mean a health problem; a moan with the paw beating on the ground can indicate the urgent need to go out. Sometimes the loud and prolonged lament can express the loneliness and sense of lack of the absent master; it could also feel threatened and therefore yelp but showing aggressive traits. Adrenaline, as in the case of fear, could also make them moan with joy (for example when we return).

The neighbor’s dog cries all day: is it a crime?

In reality, although it may seem only a pure interest in an animal in difficulty, it is a real crime, namely that of causing disturbance to third parties (therefore to the neighbours). In fact, the dog’s yelps and moans, if they exceed a normal tolerance level, can be ‘reported’, according to art. 659 of the Criminal Code.

The perpetrator of the crime is naturally the owner of the animal in question, who could come across art. 727 of the Penal Code, or the one on the abandonment of animals, which punishes those who keep animals in conditions incompatible with their nature and those who abandon them.

In some cases, the art. 544 ter, or that of animal abuse, if there was a voluntary attitude on the part of the dog’s owner.

The neighbor’s dog cries all day: what to do and who to contact?

Once it has been established that it is a crime and the culprit has been identified, we will certainly not be able to sit idly by: it will be necessary to contact the competent authorities, or the police.

Their task will be to verify what has been reported and intervene first of all to save the animal or in any case interrupt its condition, then prosecute the person who committed the crime.

You can therefore contact the Carabinieri or the municipal police (if provided for by the municipal regulation) and, if the dog should be in evident precarious hygienic conditions, also to the local ASL office. It is possible that, following the complaint, the owner will lose ownership of the dog, which will be seized.

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