Can Dogs eat breadsticks

Can the dog eat breadsticks? It is a very popular food in the home, but can we offer it to them too or are there risks? Let’s see in the article.

The well-being of the four-legged friend passes above all through their diet, because it is precisely what it eats that provides them with the right energy to face their day. Inside the house, however, it always comes into contact with food for humans and there are many doubts about their benefits for dog. Let’s see, for example, if the dog can eat breadsticks or if it is better to avoid.

Can the dog eat breadsticks?

They are a delicious and genuine food that we humans consume much more often than we think, even outside the home. But are there any beneficial properties for the furry friend too? Can it eat them every now and then with us? We read more below.

When living with a dog, it is always good to pay close attention to the food you have at home and what you want to offer them every day. Often, the risks to their health are not thought about.

Before providing a particular food to trust, it is necessary to inquire about the ingredients and the reactions that these can trigger in your sensitive organism.

Anything not suited to their stomach and nature, other than ours, can also cause serious health problems and everything must be done to avoid them.

Among the foods most present on our table is bread, considered essential food for our well-being, a source of energy and healthy and complete nourishment.

Much loved by us, at times it also intrigues the domestic companions, seeing us bite it often and willingly. In the various forms available, there are other tasty foods such as bread sticks.

Usually eaten at the beginning of a meal, while waiting for a course also at the restaurant, the breadsticks are used to satisfy hunger before the actual meal and are pleasant to munch on.

But can the dog eat breadsticks? Let’s see later.

Which bread sticks for dog

It’s okay for the furry friend to eat that kind of hard-textured bread that is light and fat-free.

In this sense, the dog can eat breadsticks but it will be necessary to check that they do not contain salt (in particular, the grains of coarse salt on the surface), which are harmful to them.

In addition to breadsticks, whose shape is so attractive to bau, it is possible to supply them with other types of bread. Let’s continue reading.

Dog and bread: the right foods for them

If there is one food that continually attracts the truffle of dog it is the bread, with its intoxicating scent and its inviting appearance, with its unique softness and color. Here are what other foods we can give to the dog, in total tranquility.

If you want to give the dog bread, you have to take into consideration some important factors, because it doesn’t hurt them (in an absolute sense) but with the right dose there are no risks.

As with any food, it is advisable never to overdo the doses, because bread is a heavy carbohydrate containing sugar. Excessive consumption of bread could lead to problems, such as diabetes in dogs.

Also, fresh bread should be avoided for trust, as it continues to ferment in his stomach, causing severe bloating and intestinal gas.

The dog can eat breadsticks: the benefits of dry and hard bread

Better to prefer dry bread, therefore, a hard bread perhaps offered a few days after its purchase.

A piece of dry bread a week can be beneficial to dog, for their dental hygiene, since chewing it cleans their gums and teeth well.

Rusks are also great for the dog, for the same reason, along with crackers, but pay attention to the sugar and salt content, as mentioned above.

The pet can be provided with this food but always with due caution and away from excessive consumption.

For any doubts about the food to offer to bau, let’s consult with our trusted veterinarian.

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