On the beach with the dog: tips, precautions and activities to do

Here’s what to know before going to the beach with the dog: how to protect dog from the sun and sand, how to behave, the games to play.

Going to the beach with our four-legged friend can be a fun and exciting experience. However, there are some precautions that we should put into practice for dog’s well-being and for our peace of mind: let’s find out all the tips for taking the dog to the beach.

Dog on the beach: how to protect dog from the sun and sand

The first aspect to consider if we want to enjoy a day at the beach in the company of our furry dog ​​concerns the protection of the four legs.

In fact, UV rays pose a danger not only to human health, but also to that of the dog.

For this, it will be necessary to protect the animal from the risk of burns, skin rashes and irritation, which in the worst cases could even lead to melanomas.

Sand also represents a potential danger: ending up in the eyes, in fact, it could cause the onset of infections or eye irritation.

Furthermore, if ingested, it could cause the onset of nausea and stomach pain in the dog.

Finally, bath time is also a very delicate moment for dog: in the event that the animal ingests water, it could develop gastrointestinal disorders due to the presence of abundant quantities of salt (equal to about 40 grams per liter).

Dog al mare: accessories to take with you

As we understand, the potential “dangers” of the beach for dog are numerous. For this, we will have to resort to a series of essential accessories to protect the health and well-being of our beloved four-legged.

First of all, it will be necessary to have an umbrella and sunscreen, thanks to which to keep the dog away from heat and sunlight.

We must not forget a towel for dog or, alternatively, a hammock: in this way, it will not have to lie down directly on the sand, which not only could be hot but – as we anticipated – would risk causing dermatological disorders in the animal.

In addition, it is essential to carry a bowl with you to ensure that the dog always has fresh water available and stays hydrated.

Finally, an important bathing accessory is the floating harness, the use of which is highly recommended for all fours, regardless of whether they are experienced swimmers or not.

Dog on the beach: games and activities to do with dog

How to have fun on the beach with your dog? Let’s review all the activities to do in the company of dog.

First of all, how can we not mention a nice walk by the sea together with your little dog?

It is recommended to walk on the water’s edge in the early hours of the day or in the afternoon, when the temperatures are not excessive and there is no risk of the sand being hot.

Among the other games to play with the four-legged is that of retrieving: if our dog knows how to swim, we can throw a ball into the water, encouraging them to catch it and bring it back.

Alternatively, we can play with the Frisbee. Finally, the beach is the ideal place to allow dog to devote itself to an activity often opposed by pet owners. Which? Digging holes!

At the beach the dog will have all the space to devote itself to this beloved pastime, without it being able to harm or harm anyone.

The only precaution is to cover them again with sand at the end of the game, to prevent someone from passing distractedly and getting an injury.

Trust in the sea: etiquette and rules of conduct

Finally, here are some tips to ensure that the coexistence between dog and the other bathers is serene.

First, before going to the beach it is essential to check that the area is accessible for dogs.

In addition, it is recommended to collect dog’s droppings and keep them on a leash, to prevent them from annoying other people.

These small and simple rules will allow us to spend a day in full relaxation, which will strengthen our deep bond of friendship with the four-legged.

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