Christmas gifts for dogs

Some inexpensive Christmas gifts for dogs include bandanas, floppy bowls, homemade cookies, and beds. Dogs and cats also suffer from the adjustment of the family budget and notice how we tighten our belts at home, even at Christmas. However, there are simple gifts that will make our furry friend happy. Here are five Christmas gifts for dogs, under … Read more

4 Tips to handle Dog Dizziness when Travelling by car

Dogs get as dizzy in the car as people, especially puppies Dogs get dizzy in the car , just like people. But the dog’s dizziness is more frequent among puppies, since their ears are still immature and they protect them worse from this annoyance. But why do dogs get dizzy when they travel? , What are the symptoms? and what tricks prevent dizziness? This … Read more

Dog books to give at Christmas

Readings that photograph human love for dogs, help to understand them and also make people laugh in a very doggy way Books that capture dog dignity in photographs, and also how humans love and relate to dogs. Readings on dogs that help you understand them , thanks to the work of the best scientists and canine experts … Read more