5 Tips for Enjoying Vacations with your dog

The fact that the dog accompanies us during the holidays can lead to very pleasant moments of play and relaxation. And surely if the dog could speak, it would appreciate its owners the opportunity to enjoy the beach, the field, excursions and games with their human family. But, as for any outing, it is necessary to take into account aspects such as advance planning of the trip, prepare the suitcase well and avoid the animal’s dizziness , which are discussed in this article.

1. Plan your dog vacation ahead of time

It is not the same to travel with the dog to a private residence that is a few kilometers from the habitual residence, than to fly to a foreign country or stay in a hotel hundreds of kilometers away. It is advisable to know in advance the conditions and rules for customers with animals required by the hotel or any other type of accommodation that we intend to reserve. Thus, it is convenient to know if the dog must remain accompanied while it remains in the room, or that any damage or damage caused by the animal in the hotel must be covered by its owners.

Going with our dogs on vacation, because they are one more member of the family and Today, the hotel and accommodation offer in general has increased considerably, making it easier to go on vacation with your animal now than it was ten years ago.

2. Prepare the suitcase well for the dog

The dog, like its owners, will need utensils (brush, bed, collar) and documentation outside the home , but it is also advisable to bring its usual feed to avoid changes that cause gastrointestinal problems. And it is not about being overloaded, but the animal will appreciate being able to sleep on a comfortable mat ; There are some that can be rolled up well so that they take up little space.

A trick to save space in the suitcase is to have a large carrier or travel box that the dog can use at the destination to rest and sleep. At the base you can place a soft surface to make it comfortable.

Nor should we forget the dog’s favorite toy, which will also help him feel at home, as well as the collar for walking, the muzzle and some antiparasitic method , such as a collar to keep fleas and ticks at bay.

In addition, the dog’s health documentation must be taken with us: the veterinary health certificate and the document proving the rabies vaccination, as well as the certificate of its identification with a microchip and the current vaccination record.

3. Traveling with dogs: watch out for dizziness

The dog must travel in the means of transport with a restraint and security measures to avoid accidents

Dogs that get dizzy on transportation have a hard time and may associate travel with a negative experience that makes them nervous. Therefore, it is important to avoid situations of discomfort or vomiting. To do this, he has the help of the veterinarian as a connoisseur of medicines to stop motion sickness.

The dog must travel in the means of transport with adequate restraint and security measures to avoid accidents. Typically, the animal travels in an animal carrier with appropriate measurements for its size. This transport box must be made of resistant materials that are not sharp or pose a danger to the physical integrity of the dog, in case of blows, sudden movements or falls. In stores specialized in accessories for pets and sections of large commercial establishments, we can find them.

4. Can I go with my dog ​​to the beach?

The city council of each coastal municipality is in charge of deciding whether or not to allow dogs to access the beach , under what conditions and at what times and days of the year. The regulations regarding the admission of animals on beaches are subject to changes, so, to avoid surprises, it is best to inquire about it at the town hall .

5. Activities for the whole family with the dog

The simplest plans can be just as fun and enjoyable as activities that are sophisticated or pretend to be too original. This is the case of long walks with the dog along the seashore or in the mountains , at a pace that is not exhausting.

The classic games like running behind the ball and play with the kids hideout, can entertain young and old, and the pet will enjoy the company and complicity of their owners.

The return of the dog’s vacation: avoiding trauma

Holidays are a time of relaxation that allows the animal to spend more time with its owners and do activities, such as excursions or trips, which are not usual during the rest of the year.

However, you have to know how to dose the time you spend with the dog and also leave it alone during certain periods, because, otherwise, on the way back, the dog may suffer separation anxiety.

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