Iceland dog Breed: name, history, origins and other useful information

Do you want to find out more about this little known dog? All the curiosities about the Iceland dog from its history to the info to get one.

It is not very well known here in our area, but that does not mean that we cannot gather enough information about them in the lands where it is still very widespread. So here is a series of interesting curiosities about the Iceland dog from its history to useful information for those wishing to adopt one.

Curiosities about the Iceland dog: the Viking dog

In reality with ‘Icelandic dog’ is indicated precisely this type of Icelandic Sheepdog or Icelandic Sheepdog is very rooted in its lands of origin. For the FCI classification it passed from the group of Sheepdogs to that of Nordic and primitive dogs (of the fifth group). As Iceland is an island, these dogs have managed not only to keep the name intact but also the very specific type, without ‘expanding’ it beyond the northern borders.

It is said that it was brought home by the Viking people, which is why it is sometimes called with this name (perhaps even with a veiled reference to its ability to withstand the cold).

Curiosities about the Iceland dog: history and origins

It seems that the remains and testimonies of the first specimens even belonged to the stone age, so much so that skeletons and bones belonging to their race have been found in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It seems that around 800-900 the first settlers brought the ancestors of the Iceland dog to their homeland: according to some experts the breed is also linked to the Karelian bear dog.

Never ‘went out’ outside the borders of its Nordic island, this breed has not always experienced flourishing periods: despite being highly appreciated among local families, it seems that at the beginning of the twentieth century it risked extinction. However, it seems that thanks to some enthusiasts after the Second World War there was a ‘regeneration’ of the breed.

In particular, the last survivors in the remote local lands and reared them to guarantee new specimens. Even today it is not particularly widespread (in fact there are about 15 thousand specimens all over the world) but it is not at risk of extinction.

Curiosities about the Iceland dog: price and breeding

It will not be easy to find one outside its homeland for those who would like to adopt an Iceland Dog, so much so that it is not possible to indicate a single and objective price for this specimen still so little widespread in our areas. However, it is possible to estimate its monthly maintenance around 35 USD between feeding the Iceland Dog and grooming.

As far as farms are concerned, however, it seems that we do not necessarily have to go to northern Europe: for sure we will find it available in Sweden, Norway and Finland, as well as in Iceland of course, but currently also some countries of central Europe (Switzerland, Germany and Holland but also France, Austria and Poland) have begun to be passionate about this breed.

In addition to the USA and Canada, the Icelandic Shepherd also came to us in Italy albeit with very few specimens available, imported from Denmark. The interest in this breed probably derives not only from its qualities as a family dog, but also as a farm, herding and breeding dog and as a guardian of the house.

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