Iron-rich dog foods

Dog’s diet must consist of the nutrients it needs. Here are the iron-rich foods for dogs.

Nutrition is a very important factor for the health of our four-legged friend, if not the most important. In fact, a correct diet can prevent many diseases in our furry friend.

A diet is correct when our friend receives all the nutrients it needs. In the following article we will see together which are the main foods rich in iron that we can offer to the dog.

Sources rich in iron for dogs: here are the foods to give to dog

A wrong diet very often leads to the lack of some nutritional values, causing various anemias.

The most common anemia is iron deficiency in dogs. Although most of the foods on the market for our four-legged friend contain iron, not all foods are created equal.

In addition, some hairballs are eaten at home, and it is very important to know which foods contain iron. Here are the iron-rich foods for dogs.

Red meat

Red meat is the main source of iron and protein for our dogs. We can offer our four-legged friend beefvealporkox and horse meat.

However, it is important to pay attention to the presence of any allergy symptoms to some types of meat and it is necessary to contact your veterinarian for the right quantities of meat to give to your furry friend.

Beef liver

Beef liver is also rich in iron and can be a good natural supplement for our furry friend. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the quantities.

It is recommended to offer this food to the dog once a week as a snack. For the quantities it is necessary to contact your veterinarian, as they depend on the size of dog.


Sardines are very beneficial for our furry friend as in addition to being rich in iron, they are also rich in essential fatty acids and proteins.

However, they are also high in fat, so you have to be careful about the quantities to give to the dog and above all consult your veterinarian.


Salmon is rich in iron and our furry friends are really crazy about it, so it’s not difficult to add this food to dog’s diet.

In addition, salmon is also one of the foods rich in Omega 3, a very important element for the body of our four-legged friend.

Egg yolks

Egg yolk is rich in iron and can be added to our four-legged friend’s diet. In addition, this part of the egg also contains many proteins, vitamins and essential fatty acids.

However for the quantities it is necessary to contact your veterinarian, as the egg yolk also contains fats, and it is advisable that the dog pays attention to the intake of daily fats.

Other foods

In addition to the foods mentioned, there are also other foods that are rich in iron and that we can give, always under the advice of your veterinarian, to our four-legged friend, they are:

  • Legumes
  • Spinach

Furthermore, we can also give dog fruits such as kiwi, melon or vegetables such as cauliflower to make them absorb iron, as these foods contain vitamin C.

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