Adopting an Irish Glen of Imaal terrier dog: pros, cons and ideal owner

Do you know all good reasons to adopt an Irish Glen of Imaal terrier? Some aspects may make you change your mind.

A dog is never an easy choice: it is good to know all the aspects before having one at home from the point of view of character, personality but also of its adaptability to the family context. That’s why you should know the pros and cons before adopting an Irish Glen of Imaal terrier. Furthermore, we should also ask ourselves, as masters, if we too would be suitable for them and their needs: here’s what to know.

Adopting an Irish Glen of Imaal terrier: 5 pros

But why do many still choose it as a domestic dog? The reasons are different but we have selected only 5: here they are all.

Very sweet and tender

Who said Terriers are only ‘good’ for hunting? In reality this specimen is able to give a lot of sweetness to its master and to all the members of their family. On several occasions it will show their fidelity and their happiness in sharing moments with their human family.

Tireless playful

Give them a ball, a club to bring back and the right company and you’ll make them the happiest dog in the world. The Irish glen of imaal terrier is truly the perfect playmate for little humans, the only ones who can keep up with their rhythms and keep up with their energy.

Very ‘useful’ hunter

Its nose, combined with its marked intelligence, make it a specimen suitable for hunting and in particular for that of rats. In fact, in addition to the badger and the fox, this dog is used to catching mice that could be around the house: a very useful job for owners who live in the countryside!

Adaptable and sociable

It is not a breed that creates problems in adapting to spaces: certainly it would prefer open and perhaps green areas, but this does not mean that it cannot also be within four walls (if it has the possibility to go outside when it wants). It is very sociable with everyone, even with strangers, which is why it is not a good watchdog.

Independent and knows how to be alone

Although it is very attached to their family group, this does not mean that it lives badly the periods of absence of their favorite humans or loneliness (obviously not too prolonged): it is a dog that knows how to take care of itself and knows how to face the days too alone.

Adopting an Irish Glen of Imaal terrier: 3 against

But there are certainly not only good reasons to adopt one! For some masters, aspects of their character are definitely not very adaptable to their lives: here are what they could be.

Run away often

Not because it does not feel comfortable in their family context, but because their hunter DNA would lead them to go away to follow tracks and scented tracks even far from home. Make sure you have well fenced off all the space around to avoid facing problems or chasing it.

Sometimes destructive

It is true that it is a very independent dog but it is equally true that it always needs to be stimulated and to channel its energies into something productive. Standing still and perhaps alone could make them feel bored and frustrated, factors that would cause them to be destructive to objects and intractable to humans.

It is not a dog for everyone

It really has a lot of energy and, to keep up with them, the owners will have to have as much. In fact, this breed is certainly suitable for families with children, for sporty and athletic owners but not for the elderly or those with little strength.

Adopting an Irish Glen of Imaal terrier: their ideal owner

As already mentioned, their ideal owner should not only be young but also in perfect physical shape: the Irish Glen of Imaal terrier loves to share their days and activities with the human who will be able to stand up to them. The owner who travels a lot will be able to take it with them (thanks to their average size) but it will also have to pay them a lot of attention.

He can be a novice master, if armed with patience and willingness to do things, but not too busy to take care of them. Even better if it has children at home, also because it enjoys the company of little humans more than that of other pets.

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