What does your dog think of you?

Dogs have learned, through observation, to understand what people think and are even capable of changing their behavior based on how humans feel

One in four human families is made up of at least one dog, a figure that leaves little doubt about the attachment we feel for this pet. But what do they think of humans? They are still bored with their owners, because instead of speaking clearly, they do so in a hasty way. But surely the furry friends keep an eye on them for hours . Various investigations then explain the keys to the friendship that exists between dogs with their owners .

What does your dog think of you?

The form dogs of one in four European families , according to the census of producers of pet food. This high figure is still far from the canine population of countries like the USA, where half of the houses are inhabited by at least one dog. But this data gives a good example of the attachment that people feel for dogs and how they instinctively understand the benefits they bring in their lives. Numerous studies confirm this: humans who share their lives with dogs and cats are happier and also in better health .

But, what is behind the great friendship that arises between dogs and people? Scientists have launched a race to explain what lies behind the special relationship that can be forged between humans and dogs.

Dogs watch us a lot!

The not only dogs have learned to decipher the movements of people and to interpret hundreds of words and human gestures . Dogs also use their powerful noses, one hundred thousand times more sensitive than ours, to monitor everything we do almost continuously.

This implies that dogs have not only learned to understand what people think, but are also capable of changing their behaviour based on how we feel.

The dog appreciates that we are clear

If the dog seems bored or confused in the company of its owner , it is very likely that behind this boredom there is a difficulty for the dog to understand you .

People are clueless creatures, with inconsistent bodily and linguistic messages . It is a miracle that our dogs are able to rescue something from what we say.

The dog is a great four-legged friend

For their part, scientists from Emory University reveal that dogs have extraordinary emotional intelligence, which allows them to create powerful bonds of friendship with other species; including cats, birds and … humans!

Not only that. Like people, dogs can not only be happy and smile , but also sad.

How does your dog show you love him? You can share your experience in the comment section. Thanks!

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