Teach your dog the ‘Stand’ command

The “ Standing ” order is closely linked to the Sitting order and it must be learned at the same time. We are indeed going to take advantage of the fact that the dog, once seated, has only one desire: to get up. When it is seated, you have to tell them: “Don’t move! So that it does not move. Then, as soon as it’s getting ready to get up, say, “Get up! “.

At first, react quickly, because the dog sits down and then gets up immediately. Little by little, you have to get them to keep the seated position as long as possible and not get up until you say: “Get up! This will come naturally after a few sessions of play, rewards and cuddling.

It is true that this order has less practical interest than the Seated order. If a handler gets up to leave, the dog will immediately be on its heels without being asked. It is, on the other hand, useful that the dog understands well the meaning of: “Not move! “.

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