Teach your dog the Sit command

Basic learning in dogs, the order “sit” is generally quickly assimilated. There are several ways to teach your dog this. 

Learn the command ” Sit!” “to his dog is a basic element of dog training and can be done by employing spontaneous attitudes. This learning is quite easy and can be done in the form of a game. It is quite rare to see dogs not responding to: “Sit!” Or they do it on purpose! The puppy also seems very receptive to these terms from two months.

Learn the command “Sit!” »With the passive method

Whenever the puppy sits on its own, say, “Sit down! And congratulate them. This method requires attention and especially synchronization. It is necessary to anticipate the moment when the dog will sit down to issue the order during the act. It will quickly associate the word and the reward with this position.

The easiest way to avoid staring at the puppy all day is to take advantage of the play time. When you are about to throw a ball at them, you will see that it naturally sits up to follow your gesture with its gaze. Take the opportunity to tell them: “Sit down! Before throwing the ball. It is an easy way to train your dog. 

Learn the command “Sit!” »With the active method

This involves inducing the sitting position in the dog in different ways. It is important not to press on its rump, because the dog resists and tries to get up. Even if by force you manage to make them sit, it will feel this order as a constraint and the “sitting” will become a position of submission. It will no longer seek her naturally. The dog must be seated without any physical constraint.

You will notice that, for the sake of balance, a dog that lifts its head and puts it further and further back is forced to sit down. We will use this phenomenon for this learning.

Take a treat and hold it over the dog’s nose . It’s going to raise its head to look at her. Then extend your arm towards the dog’s rump. To be able to look at the treat, it will lift its head back; if you put your arm (still in the direction of the rump) above its head, it will sit up. It won’t think of turning around.

All dogs sit instinctively during this exercise. All you have to do is say: “Sit down! At the right time and give the treat. These small sessions take place like a game while allowing the training of your dog. 

The next step is to stop giving treats to reward your dog and have him sit by raising its finger above its head and saying, “Sit! Then, in the last learning phase, the dog sits on verbal command only. Once your pooch is seated, you can congratulate them with a hug. 

You can also lift the dog’s head with your hand, touch the stifle (joint of the hind paw, between thigh and leg) and say: “Sit! “. This method leaves the puppy less initiative and may seem more restrictive. It is sometimes useful for dogs who tend to jump on the cake rather than sit.

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