Teach your dog the ‘Lie down’ command

The lying order is essential in the stages of the education of the puppy. In addition to strengthening the bonds between the dog and its master, this learning will prove particularly useful when it comes to taking your companion for a walk.


There are several methods for teaching the dog the order “Down!” . With the young dog, you can use the more traditional method, by taking its forelegs and gently pulling them forward, when the dog is already in a sitting position, while giving the command: “Lay down!” .

Another method: a cake is presented in front of the dog’s paws, on the ground. The dog lowers its head to sniff it. Then move your hand away, still flush with the ground. The dog will follow the cake with its nose and adopt a lying position like a sphinx. The word is then added: “Layer!” To the position paper.

The ideal is to make the dog understand that this position also corresponds to the place where he sleeps , like its basket. This exercise should therefore be done alongside this one. Try this: you throw a ball at them, it has to bring it back to you and then the order “Down!” Return to its basket, for you to throw it again. After the “Layer! “, The starting point is always the basket. After a few sessions, it will have understood the rules of the game. It will then go to bed on order.

Beware of the double meaning

Avoid using this command to send them to his basket as punishment, at least in the early stages. If you only use the term to scold them, “Down!” Will mean the order to “disappear” quickly after something stupid. When the term is used in a double meaning (for a position and for a punishment), the dog is afraid all the time when it hears this word and lies down where it is in an attitude of submission.

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