Top 16 Grey Dog Breeds

The grey dog has become one of the most popular canines, as the breeds that present these characteristics are always one of the most requested and sought after by dog ​​lovers.

Some of these furry ones are completely grey, while others combine this with other colors, such as white, and they can even have blue eyes, as we will see. Let’s get to know a little about grey dog ​​breeds .

Weimaraner, grey dog with blue eyes

Among the gray dog ​​breeds, the Weimaraner is considered to be a large dog. This is the best known breed among those with this characteristic, this because, its accepted standard indicates that these dogs must be only grey in its entirety.

It is a dog full of energy and that loves to be always active, that is why, if you want one as a pet, you should know that it will require several hours of physical activity. The variety of colors can be:

  • Silver grey.
  • Deer gray.
  • Mouse gray.
  • Any other shade of gray.

If these dogs are not able to drain all the accumulated energy they have, they can become destructive dogs or acquire unwanted behaviors, as they would easily become stressed and that will not be too good.

When the puppies of this breed are born, it is usually a grey dog ​​with blue eyes, however, once it grows, a large part of them ends up acquiring amber or copper eyes.

Gray french bulldog

There is a group of these dogs that are grey in color and that, despite their crossing, generally, their puppies retain this characteristic, which is why it has become a kind of pattern or variety within the French bulldog breed. They are very friendly and affectionate dogs with almost everyone, in addition to that, they are perfect dogs for company. They do not require exhaustive physical activity, they just have to play ball or run with other dogs in the park.

They are easy to care for and breed, they are, in general, very healthy dogs with an easy-care coat, however, due to their flat face, they sometimes tend to have respiratory problems.

It is not strange to meet dogs of this breed that constantly huff and are always a flatulence machine.

American Pitbull Terrier

This breed does not have a standard color, however, it is very common to see gray pitbulls, either in its entirety or as part of a white and grey pattern.

When they present this color in their fur, they become very popular, since it gives them a touch of tenderness and elegance.

In some countries of the world, this breed is still considered potentially dangerous, even though it has already been made clear that these are nothing more than false rumours, created from the cruel way in which many pit bulls are raised.

These dogs are generally quite sociable and affectionate, so they love to always be around their owners.

They are not naturally aggressive dogs, so if they are raised correctly, they will have a large puppy for their entire lives, as they love attention and pampering.

Great Dane, the big grey dog

Although the most common variety of Great Danes are not those with blue fur, but rather the griffons and harlequins, there are a large number of these giants that are of a beautiful grey color or that on their white coat, have funny spots of color Grey.

Although they have a fun and playful appearance, in reality these dogs are very calm, so they do not require very strenuous activities, however, they will need to be made to perform moderate exercises on a daily basis.

They love to always be accompanied, therefore, it will be necessary for them to get used to being alone for a while from a young age, so that they do not create separation anxiety, if you cannot be by their side during work or study hours.

Italian greyhound

It is the smallest variety of greyhound dogs, it does not usually weigh more than 5 kilograms or measure more than 38 centimeters in height. They have great intelligence, so educating them is very simple.

Affectionate, sweet, sensitive and very calm, they are perfect for those families who love to spend time with their dogs either at home, playing or going for a walk, because they love the attention of their family.This breed of greyhound can present several solid colors, black, tan and white, however, one of the most common and sought-after varieties in these dogs are those that appear in different ranges of grey .

Tibetan terrier, the grey long-haired dog

The Tibetan Terrier is a medium-sized dog characterized by having a shaggy coat. They are dogs with a lot of independence so they do not need to be always accompanied.

It is a guard dog par excellence, this because they are extremely brave, intelligent and with great prudence that, although they take risks to protect, they do so trying to take the least possible risk.

Cheerful, cunning, docile and very gentle, they are the perfect company for those who want a dog with these characteristics.

Very faithful, so on occasion, you will see him ignoring strangers who approach him. They are considered one of the longest-lived breeds compared to their size , so their life expectancy is usually between 13 and 16 years .

American bully

This is a standard size breed that belongs to the terrier group and is of North American origin. This is a breed that can be considered young, since its first specimen was recognized in 1980, although it was not until 1990 that these dogs began to be better known and developed.

It is a mix between several breeds of bulldog and terrier, so it is not surprising the appearance that this unique canine has. It is a very calm and docile dog that was not created for a specific job. A grey dog , with an imposing bearing.

Although it is a dog with a rather intimidating appearance, the truth is that it is a fairly sweet breed that loves to live among children, they like to play with them, take care of them and above all, always be by their side as a faithful friend.


It is a hairless dog from Mexico. It is a fairly ancient breed, in fact, the Aztecs considered these dogs as sacred beings, this due to the belief they had that these dogs accompanied the souls of the dead to the underworld.

There are three varieties of this breed of grey dog, which differ in size, so they can be found small, medium and large.

Due to their baldness, they are very popular among people who are allergic to dog hair, as well as lack of problems related to fleas and ticks.They are considered as lap dogs, as they love to be in the company of their humans. They are ideal to have in families, as they are very calm, loving, noble and above all, faithful.


Popular for being excellent swimming dogs, these dogs have always worked as fishermen, rescuers and in rescue work.

This is due to the physical characteristics that make it good at all things water. They have webbed feet and surprising musculature.

They are large-sized dogs with a large amount of fur. As with the Neapolitan Mastiff, these dogs tend to drool very frequently due to the hanging shape of their upper lips.

They are dogs you can trust blindly, they are always helpful and love to live surrounded by children.

So much is the love of these dogs for children that the writer JM Barrie when he wrote Peter Pan, used his own Newfoundland as a model to make Nana, the babysitter dog for Wendy and her brothers.

If something bad happens, this dog will not hesitate for a second to place themselves between its family and what it considers dangerous.

Their instinct for protection is innate, a Newfoundland will always protect those they consider to be their family, even if this endangers their life or physical well-being.

Thai Ridgeback

Thai dogs that have gained their popularity due to the beautiful grey or blue color that is observed throughout their coat, which is uniform and very beautiful.

Although not a breed that only accepts the color grey, as is the case with the pointer, this is one of the few colors that are accepted for them.

They are characteristic for having soft wrinkles on its forehead and also for having a perfectly proportioned body that makes them look stylish and elegant.

They are very active dogs, so it will be necessary for them to perform a large number of exercises and activities, both physical and mental, in this way, it is possible to prevent the development of negative behaviours.

Neapolitan mastiff

A breed from Italy that stands out for being noble, faithful, majestic and above all, very intelligent. This large, grey dog ​​is generally used for guard duty.

This is because they tend to be very dominant and overprotective. Therefore, they are not recommended to live with other animals.

They are not aggressive dogs, therefore, they tend to easily tolerate other dogs that are not within their territory. Due to the large number of wrinkles that they have on their body, it will be necessary for their owner to give extra care to their skin .

The eyes of these dogs tend to be a bit delicate because they are always a little droopy, which makes them more vulnerable to dirt.

Although their appearance indicates otherwise, the truth is that these are excellent dogs to have at home, they are affectionate and very gentle with their family, and in addition to that, they love to live and play with children. Their patience makes them ideal for busy, busy families.

Scottish hound

Dogs that were adored by the aristocrats and that were trained and bred for hunting work. They are not a very well known race in the world, in fact it could be said that it is one of the most unknown since few people know of its existence.

Few specimens of this breed exist, because since they are not very popular, their upbringing has not been extended any further, so their breeders should be thanked for the fact that it is still standing.

It has a bearing full of elegance and charisma, so within Scotland itself, they are considered as dogs of the aristocracy.

The coat of these beautiful dogs is long and a bit rough in texture, however, it usually attracts attention due to the large amount of gray they have.

These dogs are perfect to have in homes, as they are very delicate and gentle, however, they will need a large amount of physical exercise .

They are very tender, affectionate and loyal dogs, which are always in full dedication to their owners. They are one of the few dogs that have a perfect character. 

Gray mongrel dogs

Not only purebred dogs can be grey and very beautiful. There are an infinity of mongrel dogs that, in addition to having a cheerful, dynamic character and being physically beautiful, also share the characteristics of having a grey coat.

Most of these mestizos need a home where they are given love and care, as many of them are abandoned or grow up in the street because people reject them for not being of a pure race.

Most gray mongrel dogs are much healthier, affectionate, loyal and cuddly, as they always have the need to give and receive affection from their owners.

They are dogs that, in general, are perfect to live in all types of family and easily adapt to any lifestyle.

Undoubtedly, a grey mestizo is an excellent option to have in each and give all the love and care that we have.

Pyrenean Shepherd

This is the breed of shepherd considered the smallest ; they are slim and very athletic and their coat is usually semi-long or long.

Although its grey color variety is one of the many accepted color varieties for the breed, it must be admitted that this particular color makes it look especially pretty.

This is a French breed that has originated since the 19th century. They are curious dogs par excellence, always full of energy and very awake.

However, despite their personality, they are still guide dogs, a job they have been doing for a long time. Get to know the Pyrenean Shepherd much better .They are distrustful of strangers, but nevertheless, they are always cheerful in front of them. They are somewhat complex dogs to train and maintain with a suitable character, so they are not recommended for first-time people in the care of a dog.

Schnauzer; the little gray dog

This breed of dog, whether in its large or medium variety, tends to have a very nice grey coat, even though the FCI only admits those that are pure black and salt and pepper.

They are very energetic dogs who do not like to be left alone for too long, so they can suffer from separation anxiety if this occurs repeatedly.

When they suffer from this, they tend to show destructive behaviours, even manifesting themselves with a lot of barking and unpleasant behaviour . It also knows more about the mini Schnauzer.

Irish Wolfhound

Large dogs that are characterized by being extremely cute. Just as the name implies, these beautiful grey dogs are from Ireland.

They were specially bred as dogs to hunt wolves, deer, and other large animals.

Although their coat can be moderately long, rough and fibrous, it does not require special care other than the usual brushing and normal cleaning.

They are natural hunters and shepherds, which is why they love doing this type of work. Being such a noble race, they are not ideal for guardian roles.

Although they can live with other animals, since they are not aggressive or extremely territorial, you have to be selective with their companions, because sometimes, small dogs can activate their hunting instinct.

They are perfect for families with children, as they are very patient, sweet and delicate with them, in addition to that, they will always be their faithful protectors and will take care that the child does not get hurt or bored.

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