Top 12 Wrinkled Dog Breeds

dog with wrinkles is very adorable and cuddly, that is why wrinkled dogs, whether on the body or on the face, in the form of skin folds, have become increasingly popular among dog lovers. dogs. We are going to see the 12 most characteristic dog breeds in this regard:

Shar pei, the dog with many wrinkles

The Shar Pei is a dog proud of its wrinkles, the more it has, the more popular it seems to be. This breed is considered a kind of miniature bear.

The puppies shar pei have always inspired tenderness, both for its appearance and her eyes softened. As puppies, they have many more wrinkles than adult dogs, which is why it is considered their most adorable stage.

In case you did not know, the Shar Pei is originally from China, and they are highly desired for being extremely loyal, protective and quite serious dogs.

If you want to have one of these dogs, that is cuddly and loves hugs, you will have to get it used to it from a young age, and this is because they like to keep their personal space.

Although they may not appear it, these dogs are generally protective, so they can surprise if you are not vigilant, especially if there are strange people near their territory or family.

The skin in the form of internal pleats, of these dogs is very delicate, so it requires care to keep it healthy and free of bacteria due to humidity or dirt. Ideally, they should always be kept dry and clean.


The wrinkles of these dogs, in the middle of the forehead of these little ones is one of the most striking characteristics of the breed, as it makes them seem that they are always worried or thinking about something of the utmost importance.

His look is very tender. Although their appearance deceives us, the reality is that these dogs seem not to have any type of concern, since they can always be seen happy and playful, although they are not too active, they like to play.

These dogs have become very popular all over the world, so it is not surprising to see one in the street, square or park. They are small dogs and they adapt very well to family life.

English bulldog

For many years, within children’s cartoons we can always see a bullying bulldog, however, we can assure that reality is far from it. This breed of wrinkled dogs is characterized by being very calm and affectionate.

Bulldogs love to be around children, they are sociable and yes, they are immediately recognized for being a dog with cheeks and wrinkles on their face. These can give them a somewhat rough appearance, but the truth is that they are animals with a noble heart and very cuddly.

In addition to games, they are also fans of lying on the bed or sofa and enjoying a good time with their human, whether they are alone or the whole family is in the room. It adapts well to other dogs, even if his roommate is a cat.

Dogue de Bordeaux

They are quite large dogs, of the Molossian type, and they have a lot of wrinkles all over their faces. In the body, wrinkles are very few or even nil.

Formerly these were dogs used as guard and defence dogs, as their appearance and personality were perfect for this type of work. However, these days, they can mostly be found as companion dogs and part of their human family.

The character of this breed is calm and full of kindness, they are dogs that stand out for their incredible intelligence and the balance that they always carry in their energy.

When they are puppies, these dogs have a lot of wrinkles on their faces, which makes them look very adorable.

Although, as we have mentioned, we are facing a calm and friendly breed, the truth is that they are very protective dogs, so you must be very careful when a stranger enters the house, especially if he is not invited, as he could be aggressive to protect your family.

French bulldog

Like the previous breed, the French bulldog is a dog that has a lot of wrinkles on its face but its body is almost smooth. However, these, when they are puppies, can have many wrinkles all over their body.

Unlike the English bulldog, the French are much smaller, so they are ideal to adopt as companions. They are able to adapt to any lifestyle , be it active or sedentary.

They are very cheerful dogs and they love to have fun with their humans or canine companions, but they also tend to be calm but playful.

They are very brave dogs, so it is not at all unusual to see them trying to provoke dogs much bigger than themselves.

Sometimes courage can bring them problems, as this attitude has led them to have some scares or bites from other dogs.

Chow chow

The blue-tongued bear. This beautiful and cute-looking dog with a thick and fluffy coat comes from China, hence its characteristic name.

Due to the unique color of the tongue of these dogs, a large number of myths and legends have been created, ranging from the most unusual to the most accurate.

The chow chow is a sturdy, medium-bodied dog with an intimidating but at the same time tender bearing , a strange combination.

Their face tends to have many wrinkles, especially over their eyes, which makes them have droopy eyelids giving them a tender look, their lower lips are usually hanging.

Basset hound

This is a French hound dog. This breed gained incredible popularity as a hunting dog and companion dog. It is another of the dogs that are considered wrinkled dogs .The physical characteristics of these animals are what have made them so popular with dog lovers. It has an elongated and quite large head, which is full of wrinkles , these tend to appear more abundantly on its forehead and in its eyes.

Their characteristic double chin can never be missing, like those hanging upper lips that make them look so nice and that completely hide the lower ones. In addition to this, their long and large ears are another of the most striking characteristics of this breed of dog.


Also known by the name of the dog of San Humberto. We are facing one of the breeds considered the oldest in the world, in addition to this, they are characterized by being imposing and large dogs. Features that make it stand out wherever they go, even if they love to sleep …

The skin of these dogs is usually thin, however, it is full of large wrinkles that usually predominate on their neck and head . They have slightly long ears and a look full of feelings.

Without a doubt, a dog that cannot be easily put aside, not only because of its history but also because of its unique and special physical appearance.


A giant among dogs, known under the nickname of the gentle giant. It is well known that, although it is not in all cases, the larger (in size) a dog is, the more friendly and with more childish attitudes. The bullmastiff is in that category.

Of course, this as long as the dog is raised in the correct way from a very young age. Well educated, they will never pose a threat to their owners, family and caregivers. Contrary to this, this will be the most faithful, affectionate and protective canine, the perfect friend for any human.

What you should be careful with is controlling the strength and weight of this dog, because in general, they end up being a bit rough when it comes to playing or receiving attention.

The wrinkles of this breed of dog predominate on the face and neck of this, they give a softer touch to its strong and imposing appearance, a perfect and adorable combination.

Neapolitan mastiff

Popular for their old-fashioned appearance. This breed of dog has caused all kinds of positive reactions due to the amount of wrinkles they have, even when they are puppies, they tend to have the appearance of more adult dogs than they are.

These dogs have wrinkles all over their bodies, an aspect that they share with the Shar Pei. This characteristic gives them that aspect of being huggable, cuddly dogs that encourage you to snuggle up to your side and spend a few hours in comfort and affection.

Thanks to their extremely hanging lips, these dogs have stood out for having abundant drooling, however, they have also stood out for their calm and relaxed personality, which makes them the ideal dog to live in large families and with small children.

With children, these dogs tend to be protective and by their side, they take on the role of being the most dedicated babysitters in the world, as they will always ensure the child’s safety and will be there to play with them or dedicate their infinite patience while the little ones play. around it.


Boxers are very playful animals, so it is not uncommon for them to have puppy behavior throughout their lives. They are usually active, strong, and extremely loyal to their humans .They are perfect to have in any type of family, even those with children, however, it should be taken into account that they can be very scandalous and active dogs.

You will never notice aggressiveness in them, you will not see them start a fight, however, they may be perfectly capable of defending themselves if they deem it necessary. They exude bravery and confidence, so you will rarely see them scared or nervous.

Boston terrier

It is a cross between an English bulldog and a white English terrier. Of all the previous wrinkled dog breeds, this is the one with the least wrinkles, however, it cannot be left out of this list. Its origin is very diverse, because to obtain the Boston terrier that we know today, several crosses of dogs with wrinkles had to be carried out.

They are very cheerful canines and they always seem happy, however, they can become very stubborn and determined in what they want, so training them sometimes presents a challenge. They are boisterous and game-loving, however, being injury-prone dogs, great care must be taken.

They are excellent as guard dogs, as they love to protect their own. They are good with children, so there will be no problem with it, as long as both are taught to respect each other and be careful.

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