Top 13 English dog breeds

Did you know that most of the dog breeds that we know today come from the UK? The English dog presents a great variety of breeds of dogs, of different sizes, the most diverse colors and very peculiar characteristics. In this article we will show you the 13 top breeds of English dogs .

Bobtail or English Sheepdog

The Bobtail is an adorable breed of English dog characterized by its large size and its abundant and soft coat that most of the time is white on black, or white on gray.

This beautiful English dog originates from the United Kingdom and is also known as the Old English Sheepdog. It is characterized by being a dog with a very friendly, tender and very charismatic personality.

They usually have a size that reaches 63 cm in height and their weight varies between 30 and 40 kg, with a fairly heavy build. Despite their greatness, they are not wild dogs, but rather faithful caretakers and companions.

It is a very intelligent shepherd dog, so you can take advantage of it to train it from a puppy and it likes to live with children, since it is playful. Due to its size and vitality, it needs to be taken for a walk to release energy.

Monotony and confinement can make you aggressive, restless, and disastrous. In addition, it is not recommended to have it in hot places, since its abundant fur causes it to accumulate body heat.

English bulldog

It is an imposing breed of English dog and at the same time very tender. The English Bulldog has its origin in the XVVI century in England and its name is made up of two words, “Bull” which means bull and “dog” which is dog.

It receives this name because in ancient times these dogs were used to herd bulls. They were also used as fighting dogs for a long time, but later this practice was banned.

Currently, the English Bulldog is a companion dog and its upbringing is very different from the first centuries.

They can weigh up to 25 kg, males and 22 females. For this reason and because of their short stature that varies between 30 and 40 cm, they must take care of their diet, since they tend to suffer from obesity in their last years of adulthood.

You must take very good care of their health, since thanks to their morphology and the shape of their face, English bulldogs tend to suffer from respiratory and eye problems.

Border collie

Considered the most intelligent breed of dog in the world , Boder Collies are extremely capable and skilled dogs. They have a unique energy and can be trained from an early age for specific activities.

They are known in England as sheepdogs, used precisely to keep flocks of sheep and even family children. They are caregivers par excellence, so they will make perfect company for the family.

In this sense, it is important to note that Collies are not suitable to be left alone for a long time, as they need attention and loneliness and confinement can make you aggressive, sad, sick and destructive with things around the house.

Today they are still used as English sheepdogs and family dogs. They love to run around and play, so if you live in a city, you should commit to taking your Boder Collie out to the park and doing activities that allow it to release energy.

They can be had in relatively small houses, since their size is close to 55 cm and they can weigh up to 30 kg, so you should consider this factor if your floor is very small.

Boder Collies will make excellent companions and can live with you for approximately 12-15 years. 


Beagles are an excessively cute, playful breed capable of providing company, fidelity and sincere friendship. But they also demand a lot of attention and care.

The Beagle breed originates in the United Kingdom, approximately in the year 1830 , although it is said that its origin may be given more than two thousand years ago, in ancient Greece.

They were used as hunting dogs in England and the United States , since they are fast to run and have an excellent tracking instinct. However, today we can find them as family dogs in most of the world.

The Beagle’s colors are always brown over most of the body, with black and white markings. Their size can vary between 30 and 40 cm and they can weigh from 8 to 16 kg.They are a playful breed and that is why they can live with children , although you must educate them, because sometimes adult dogs may not tolerate children’s games, as they become more passive at this age.

They are faithful companions and love to receive love and attention . They love to be in the company of their relatives and do activities outdoors, it is recommended to take them daily to release energy.

Golden retriever

The Golden Retriever is one of the favorite breeds to adopt in families of any type, since this English dog is friendly, always affectionate but at the same time has different protective and vigilance skills . In addition to its beautiful fur that makes it even more striking.

This dog has its origin in the United Kingdom, specifically in the population of Scotland. These dogs were used as hunting dogs; their function was to collect dead birds from rivers after hunters shot them.

The Golden were very bold and could perform this activity thanks to the fact that since ancient times they have a great tracking ability, and despite being large, they are light to run quickly.

Currently, these dogs are one of the main breeds that we find in families. They are used as companion dogs and on many occasions as guide dogs for people with disabilities.

The Golden are a large breed, they can measure from 50 to 60 cm and weigh up to 32 kg. It has a smooth coat, which you should take care of, so it is recommended to brush it daily to keep it soft.

They are docile dogs, they are friendly, affectionate and very loyal to their owners . They tolerate living with children and they love to run, so you should take them daily for a walk or play in the park.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

This breed of English dog is considered one of the oldest breeds originating in Great Britain. It is a small breed with a robust build and very striking delicate features.

They were used for grazing and herding cattle. Because of their height, these dogs used to run around the young cattle and bite their heels to take them to where they should be.

Their name literally means “dwarf English dog” and it is precisely their size that makes them bear this name, as they can measure a maximum of only 40 cm. Despite this characteristic, Pembroke Welsh Corgi are fast running dogs, so you can take them to the park and do fun activities that they will enjoy to the fullest.

They are friendly, they love to have attention and to be pampered by their masters. They are not aggressive dogs at all and can live with other animals and with children. Thanks to their intelligence, they can be trained very easily.

English bull terrier

Bull Terriers are a very peculiar English breed ; his features are not those of an ordinary dog. Their faces are flat and their heads are triangular in shape. Even so, they are a very beautiful breed and dogs with a tender and loving character.

If you want to buy a Bull Terrier you should know that you should have at least 3467.35 dollar approximately to obtain this breed, since they are very prestigious dogs. In addition, to be recognized as a Bull Terrier they must be certified.

These dogs of English origin, usually weigh approximately 28 kg and have a robust build and an attitude always alert to what happens. As for the color, you will find them mostly white, although there are brown and black variations with white.

It is a very strong and energetic dog, so it is important that you constantly take him out not only for walks, but to spacious places to run. It is smart and from 13 weeks you can start educating them to execute specific orders.

They are territorial dogs, hence the importance of educating them in case you have other animals or you want them to live with children, as they could be irritable if they are not trained.

They are strange dogs, with spotted fur and very particular characteristics. Although it is not a very common breed, they are English dogs with very ancient origins , but it was only two centuries ago that this pure breed was born.

English setter

They are large to medium-sized dogs, so it is not recommended to have very narrow ones at home, since they need enough space to move around and walk. Tight spaces can create stress for them.

They can measure between 55 cm and 70 cm at the cross. And its weight can reach up to 30 kg. For this reason, if you have children you should be cautious, although they are not aggressive dogs.

They have tracking and hunting capabilities, so they are always in an alert attitude and they will love to play with you to chase you, run around or search for the ball.

Their fur is somewhat strange and requires care, it is long and silky, usually spotted between white, gray and black. Black and brown variations are also found.

They can be trained, but you must be patient, because being very active and energetic dogs, they tend to be easily distracted. They can live with other animals and with children, but they must be educated for it.

Cocker spaniel

It is a more well-known breed today and has its origin in England in the 19th century. These dogs have beautiful, silky fur. They were used like royalty dogs, thanks to their curly hair and a very soft and shiny appearance and texture.

They were also used as hunting dogs that collected the birds that their masters shot and that fell into the water or in places far away where the Coker had to look for them.

Currently they are family dogs that coexist perfectly with the members of the house. They have a cheerful, but calm and gentle character, they are easy to train and very intelligent to receive orders and follow instructions. You should brush her hair constantly to avoid tangling.

In some variations they can be aggressive if not trained, but most of the time they manage to live with other animals, people and young children normally. They can measure around 40 cm and weigh up to 16 kg.

Yorkshire terrier

As you can, the English dog breed has accompanied this culture throughout its history and all its journeys. This is the particular case of the English Yorkshire, it is a very small English dog, which was born from a mix between Scottish and English terriers, after the inhabitants of Scotland had to migrate to England as a result of the Industrial Revolution.

These little dogs served at this time as a breed of hunting dogs for small rodents, such as rats and mice. In addition to these abilities, from the beginning the Yorkshire or Yorkie dogs were very alert dogs.

Today, although they are companion dogs, their alert, vigilant and active nature has not changed. They are extremely faithful and enjoy the warmth and closeness of their masters, which is why they cannot endure long time alone.

In addition, because they are dogs that save a lot of energy, they need to be in constant activity, such as going for a walk, playing ball at home and having toys that entertain them.

Jack russell terrier

It is an active and very energetic English dog that hails from England and was formerly a working dog, despite its size. Well, although he is small, he has a lot of strength, energy and speed and is intelligent to receive orders.

The Jack Russell Terrier is small but robust. It has a lot of body energy, so it is necessary to teach it to channel this energy through training.

If they are taught early, they can be controlled, otherwise they can become destructive, dig holes in the garden and eat your shoes.

Apart from this, they are very sociable, affectionate and gentle dogs . They love being around people and playing, they can live with children and tolerate their games and caresses. Excellent as a family dog ​​as it can accompany you from 12 to 15 years.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel

Since its origins, this breed of English dog has served as a companion dog, which is evidenced in 16th century paintings. They are small dogs with a very friendly, cheerful and friendly character.

Due to their size, they are ideal to have at home small. They learn quickly, are easy to train and know how to follow instructions, thanks to their intelligence and ability to capture.

They are dogs a bit delicate in health. Due to their genetic makeup, they can suffer from bone diseases such as hip dislocation or patella fracture. Their fur must be cared for very well and they must be cautious with their diet, as they are also prone to heart problems.

Apart from these precautions, life with this beautiful breed will be very quiet so that even the smallest children can live happily with them, thanks to their kindness and nobility.

English greyhound or greyhound

An English dog that exudes elegance just by looking at it, with a great bearing and a unique beauty. These dogs were originally used as running dogs, since their long legs allowed them to run faster and travel long distances easily.

Despite being tall, their build is slim so the heaviest barely reach 40 kg. Its coat is short and very shiny, with gray, brown or black colors.

As for coexistence, this dog is loving and attached to its owners. It is not playful by nature, but he does enjoy walks and outdoor activities. He is not very tolerant of young children and prefers to keep its distance from them.

It is quiet, it is not very noisy and he can be shy around people he does not know. It is not a vigilant dog and despite its large size it does not instill fear, on the contrary, it is very calm and quiet. Excellent as a companion dog.

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