Top 10 Hairless Dog Breeds

Surely you want to have a pet, but the idea of ​​having your house full of dog hair everywhere stops you. But would you change your mind if I told you that there are breeds of hairless dogs ? We are going to know them all.


This type of hairless dog is native to the region of Mexico and in fact, it is not found naturally in any other country. It is considered a symbol of Mexican culture and a figure of loyalty, protection and friendship. The Xolo dog as it is commonly known, has different variations of the breed in terms of its sizes (small, medium and large of maximum 60 cm) and there are also varieties with a little fur on certain parts of its body. The Xoloitzcuintle dog does not require excessive care thanks to its lack of fur, however it is important to know how to take care of its skin correctly. These “bald” dogs have wrinkled skin in some parts such as the forehead and a little on the neck.

These animals are characterized by being very faithful and of a docile and tender character, although they are protective of their masters.

Hairless chihuahua

These little canines are a variation of the original Chiguagua breed. Originally from Mexico, these little dogs are also greatly loved in that country, however, you can find them in other parts of the world.

Of character, they are restless, imposing and nervous dogs in situations that can stress them, they are protective and remain alert in the presence of strangers. In contrast, they are very playful with their own and cheerful.They require special care of their skin, as this breed is prone to allergies, so you must be careful of the products you use for their grooming.

In addition, this variation of the Chiguagua breed lives better in climates that are not so cold, as they tend to be sensitive to low temperatures.

They do not weigh more than 3 kg and their height does not exceed 20 cm. This size makes it ideal for families and small spaces.

Peruvian hairless dog

This hairless dog is a representative symbol of Peru and highly respected by the people in this country, since the breed dates back to the origins of this nation, so one of the names given to it is ” Heritage National of Peru ”.These peculiar canines are very clever and intelligent animals, having variations in their size and the most common being medium and large ones. Of these, the largest can measure from 60 to 70 cm .

The skin of these hairless dogs is hairless and commonly dark pigmented, in addition, they have a muscular body. They are dogs with a cheerful but calm character (they are not restless). With their masters, they are usually very attached, faithful and protective.

They must be very well cared for as this breed is prone to bronchial diseases and some skin allergies.

American hairless terrier

These little friends, are a breed of hairless dogs commonly confused sometimes with chihuahuas hairless , their physical resemblance. However, as their name indicates, these little dogs are of American origin .

They are a variation of the rat terrier breed. In appearance, there are different variations in terms of pigmentation of your skin . In this sense, the most common colors that you will find are white and painted.

Of character, they are usually very playful and cheerful dogs, so they love to do outdoor activities and enjoy being in the park or the beach. As for their size, they do not usually exceed 45 cm and they can weigh between 3 and 5 kg, so they are small.

These last two characteristics make them perfect for children , because in addition to the fact that they do not cause allergies due to lack of hair, they are extremely harmless. 


They are a strange breed originally from Bolivia. Representative dogs of the Aztec region that share ancestors with the Xoloitxcuintle breed.

This breed is characterized by having a very protective personality with its owners and masters , for which it is advisable to train them, as they tend to behave aggressive with some strangers.

On the other hand, in coexistence with their owners and families they are loving and playful. Regarding its size, this hairless dog usually has three variations , the small one being about 40 cm, the medium one 50 cm and the large one reaching a height of 65 cm. Depending on their size, they can weigh from 4 to 25 kg.

They may have some hair on their forehead and although it is a hairless dog, they are highly exclusive and can have a value of 3,000 euros / 3,300 USD . These faithful friends can live with you for 12-15 years.


The Jonangi dog is a particular breed that has its origin in India. It is very rare to see them in the West, however, if it is the case, they are quite expensive and have some special care, given the hot climate of their place of origin. These canines are very affectionate and are characterized by being very attached to their owners and their family, so they demand attention and lots of pampering. They are perfect to have at home if you have children, as they tolerate the little ones and like to share with them.

They are usually approximately 53 cm tall and weigh between 14 and 24 kg . They have a markedly muscular build and their facial features are similar to those of a fox.

These little ones can be found in various colors, the most common being brown, black and painted.

Chinese crested

This kind of dog is very particular, with a funny and funny appearance. They are playful and very affectionate dogs. They love being with their owners at home, so they are perfect to have as companion dogs .With regard to its physical characteristics, there are two types of hairless Chinese dog , one that is actually born totally hairless, with specks on the head and legs on some occasions, these specks of hair are white.

The other variation of this breed is born with a very soft and soft coat of hair that is almost imperceptible and that makes it appear that they are hairless. In terms of character, they are very affectionate and sweet dogs , although they are also usually quite energetic and defend their masters, without being dangerous or aggressive.

The Argentine Pila dog

The Argentine pila dog has an imposing appearance, without appearing dangerous. They are dogs with a very decisive character, but they exude love for their owners and family members, so they tend to be very affectionate and pampered with those around them . Argentine pila dogs are mostly seen in their country of origin, they adapt perfectly to similar climates and skin care is usually simple.

Although they should be careful not to use products that can irritate them or cause allergies. They can measure from 25 to 60 cm and weigh from 8 to 25 kg.

Abyssinian terrier

Quiet and calm, it would be the perfect description for this species of Terrier. Although they are medium-sized dogs, like other variations of the Terrier breed , they do not have a very high bark, so you can have it at home without disturbing your neighbours. Their skin is somewhat strange, wrinkled and hairless, usually brown in color with some variations in its color. These dogs are very loving and tender, they are also calm with strangers when they are on the street.

Its ears are long and his sole is thin. They do not have parts of their body with hair. They can live up to 15 years of life, making them excellent companion dogs.

Ecuadorian golden bald dog

The Ecuadorian hairless dog is also known as the Ecuadorian golden bald dog . It is a native breed of this country and it has a link with the Peruvian breed, so it has very similar characteristics.It is a dog that has a very affectionate character, they like to play and be close to their masters always. They can have fun outdoors, since they have a prey instinct, so they will enjoy games such as frisbee or ball.

Regarding their size, they do not have variations, since they are mostly small, with measurements of approximately 45 cm and can weigh a maximum of 12 kg in healthy conditions.

As you can see, hairless dogs are just as amazing animals and great companions as ordinary pets.

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