Top 11 Small White Dog Breeds

Between breeds, tastes and color, the white dog is one of the favourite pets for most dog lovers. This color signifies purity, tenderness, transparency and health. If you are thinking of adopting, stay, because in this article you will know the top 11 breeds of white dogs and their characteristics.

Maltese Bichon

A perfect mixture of elegance and tenderness, that is the Maltese Bichon, a beautiful white companion dog, who will enjoy being with you to the fullest, since having your attention is one of his favourite activities.

It is a playful breed of dogs, however, they do not tolerate small children too much. One of the most outstanding characteristics is its coat, extremely smooth, almost like a film.

Its size does not exceed 25 cm and its weight can be between 3 and 4 kg. This makes it ideal for small homes and quiet families. And if you live alone or alone, the Maltese will provide you with a warm, tender and faithful company .Although their original and pure color is white, on some occasions they can be born pups with golden flecks .

Bichon Bolognese

It is another breed of smallwhite dogs, full of tenderness that you will love from day one. Characterized by their way of being docile and calm, it is ideal to have them in places where there are elderly and small children.

Despite their small size, they are very loyal and show it by taking care of family members. They love to show love and as you can imagine they love to receive the affection and caresses of their owners.

They can live between 12 and 14 years, so if you have small children, it is a good option to be the best friend of your children. Their hair is long and one of their greatest characteristics is their long ears.

This particularity and its Italian origin make it overflow with a natural elegance and its light weight of between 4 and 5 kg makes it ideal for small homes.

Bichon frize

Joy, games, a lot of energy and a love for its family that will never end, are the characteristics that you will find in the Bichon Frize , a dog with a tender character who loves to have fun and play with his family.

Despite being energetic dogs who love activities like going to the park, they also enjoy the tranquillity of being at home, as they are companion dogs.

Unlike the previous two, these beautiful dogs have curly hair, most of the time you find them in white, but there are variations of the breed in cream color .

These white dogs originating in Europe are small, with a height of no more than 30 cm and an average weight of 4 to 5 kg.


Of all the breeds, this white butt is one of the favourites in the world. There’s no place where you won’t find a playful or overly character poodle. This dog has German, French and Russian origin.

Given this ancestry, it is a versatile dog, with an elegant appearance and at the same time with a fun and very playful character . Despite their small appearance, they love to take care of their owners and their loved ones in general.

There are variations in the size of these Russian dog breeds , but none exceed 60 cm (on two legs) and the maximum weight is 23 kg. The sizes can be toy, min toy or dwarf, medium or large.The coat is long, in fact it never stops growing, due to its winter origin. They can also accompany you for almost a life of a young adult, being able to live up to 19 years .

White chihuahua

Surely the words Chiguagua and Mexico sound very familiar to you. And it is that this very small dog is of Mexican origin and almost an icon of this country, so much so that even cinematographic works have been dedicated to them.

A small breed in size, in fact considered the smallest dogs in the world . However, this does not prevent them from being a reservoir of a lot of energy, since their character is constantly restless, nervous and daring.

But don’t be scared, this breed is one of the most loyal in the world, also having an incredible attachment to its owners and their family and they also love to be the center of attention.

The fidelity of this breed is manifested in its life expectancy, as they can accompany you for approximately 20 years.


Seeing this breed is melting with tenderness, imagine what it is like to live with them. This small breed of white dog is characterized by having a very loving personality, they love to be pampered and pampered by their masters and will always be considered puppies.

Despite this, they are still imposing and standing up for their loved ones if necessary. They love to play, so they will enjoy outdoor activities and are ideal for spending time with young children.

Regarding their size, their height does not exceed 55 cm and they can even be smaller. They are originally from Germany and Poland, and can be with you for 12 to 16 years , giving you unconditional love.

West highland

Also known as Westies, this small, white dog breed is one of the variations of the Terrier breed. Its small size and fur that looks like a toy is really cute and eye-catching, especially for the little ones in the house.

They are defenders of their own and very jealous, so they are always alert to any danger or stranger that approaches. They are very happy and playful dogs, so be careful not to tire yourself very quickly, because these little ones will always be willing to play.

Its weight does not exceed 10 kg at most and its size will not be greater than 30 cm in height, so if you have a medium house, this breed originally from Scotland is a very good option.

Italian Volpino

It is a rare breed. It has its origin in the Renaissance period, it is said that they were used as royal dogs, as they are represented in some works of the time. But its elegant appearance leaves no doubt about this fact.

Its translated name means “little white fox” or “little fox” in Italian. Because they are companion dogs, they require care and a lot of affection. They love being around their masters and receiving attention all the time, although they do not like petting very much, only company.

Sometimes it can be a bit fearful in front of people outside the family and stay alert with strangers. Their fur is smooth and long, which makes them produce the necessary heat to protect themselves in very cold climates.

Coton of Tuléar

The appearance of this beautiful little dog lives up to its name, as it actually looks like a cotton ball. It is extremely cuddly, a companion dog that will show loyalty to each of the family members until the end of its days. But make no mistake, he is active and loves to run and jump.He likes to play, so it is good for families with children. In fact, it can be an excellent best friend for the little ones and grow together with them. It has a life expectancy of between 14 and 17 years .Despite being a playful and calm dog , he always remains alert in case of perceiving strangers near him or his family, so he is good as a vigilant dog.

Jack russell terrier

The joy overflows just by looking at the walk of this dog originally from the United Kingdom. It is a small breed, full of a lot of energy, that loves to play, run and be caressed by its owners and family members.

You should know how to keep these beautiful dogs entertained, so having a toy that becomes their favourite can be a good option to channel energy.Their fur is short, most of them white with some spots on the face and tail. It is short-legged and low-weight, so it is useful to keep small at home. However, you must consider that this breed of white dog needs to go for a walk every day , otherwise they will accumulate stress.

White schnauzer

This breed of white dog is one of the best known, although it has variations in other colors, grey being one of the most common. The Schnauzers are loving and companion dogs.

They are perfect for single people or small families, as they are very loyal friends. They have a very tender character, although they remain alert to strangers, since for them their family must be protected.

They are small in size, since their height does not exceed 50 cm and their weight can only reach 8 kg (in healthy conditions). They enjoy constant love and cuddling, as well as outdoor activities.

This dog of German origin can be with you for a long time, as its life expectancy is 12 to 14 years.Now that you know which are the most beautiful breeds of white and small dogs , you have many options to decide between the most imposing, the most tender or the most playful.

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