15 Most beautiful dog breeds

Large medium or small, there is a wide variety of beautiful dog breeds around the world, among which you can choose to make them an important part of your family.

If you are a dog lover and you want to know more about the different breeds, stay and discover the cutest and most beautiful dog breeds. You can access to expand the information that you like the most.

Prettiest small dogs

French bulldog

This beautiful medium breed dog, although it has a gesture that seems imposing and some people classify it as aggressive, the reality is that they are very sociable, friendly and playful dogs. They can have up to 16 pups per birth and it is known as the dog that snores the loudest, due to the physiognomy of its face that makes it produce respiratory sounds.


These small breed dogs are originally from Europe and currently retain their exclusivity in the midst of the world of celebrities, from Queen Marie Antoinette to Mozart, passing through Paris Hilton. They need to be very well fed because they have a very small stomach that metabolizes food much faster and they are ideal for small homes.


Native to Mexico, they are so famous that even films have been made in their name. These little dogs are considered one of the breeds with the most energy in their body, so much so that they tremble from the excess energy accumulated in their body. They are faithful and excellent companion dogs.


Of Asian origin, Pekingese was originally worn by royalty and was worshiped by Buddhist monks. This dog is now part of both Eastern and Western culture. They are energetic and excellent companion dogs, but require daily walks and a good diet for good health.

Chinese crested

It is a beautiful and elegant small breed dog, very particular, since they do not have hair on almost the entire body except for certain parts, such as legs and face. This breed requires certain care, especially in its oral hygiene, as they tend to lose teeth from an early age. They are loving, playful, but independent.


Better known as “Pug” these puppies are of Chinese origin and were raised as royalty dogs. They are currently very prestigious and a bit expensive dogs. They love to have the attention of their owners, they are territorial, but extremely affectionate with their masters and family.

Dachshund or sausage dog

It is also known as a dachshund. These spoiled canines have an extraordinary sense of smell and have a hunting instinct so you can use it for when you miss something at home. They are sociable and energetic so you should educate them and teach them to receive instructions. A pretty dog ​​in every way.

Maltese Bichon

Just by looking at them you can melt from the cuteness. Its furry appearance comes from a very ancient lineage originating in the Mediterranean. A curious fact is that in the search to obtain a small breed, the Bichon Maltes came to have a size similar to that of squirrels, today they can measure 25 cm and weigh a maximum 5 kg.

Prettiest medium dogs

Medium dogs are feasible for those houses whose space is not so reduced. Most of these dogs are cute, playful and love to sleep with their owners, but thanks to their size you can keep order at home without worrying about big mischief, they are also very intelligent and ideal for training.

Golden retriever

Its size ranges from medium to large. They are extremely intelligent dogs, so they adapt quickly to training and teaching. They are docile and very loving. They love to socialize with children and be pampered by their masters. You must take good care of their fur and skin, as they can be allergic to some products.

Akita Inu

Do you remember Hachiko? The famous dog from history that was taken to the movies? Well, in real life, this breed is a representation of fidelity and loyalty. These Japanese dogs are loving and attached to their masters, originally born in winter weather, so they have abundant fur and one of their most outstanding characteristics is their teeth.

Chow chow

It is a medium-sized dog with a robust build. They have a thick coat and their appearance is tender and friendly, as is their personality. One of their most curious characteristics is their tongue, which has a purple color, which distinguishes them from other races.

Wimar Braco

These beautiful dogs have a coat of particular color, usually gray. Curiously, their eyes change color as they grow, so that they are born with blue eyes, but in adulthood they end up being amber. They can weigh up to 30 kg and live up to 12 years on average. 


A unique breed that is characterized by its fidelity, the so-called fire dogs, for being a kind of emblem in fire stations, are striking for their perfectly white fur with black spots. Active and intelligent to the extreme, these companions will steal your heart. 

Tosa Inu

It is a tender and loving dog, but it is characterized by being independent. Its name means “sand skin” and its most striking feature is precisely its wrinkled skin, which requires special care. This skin never stops growing, so most of them can suffer from eye conditions if the cleaning of the folds in this area is not taken care of.  

Xoloitzcuintle, the Mexican hairless dog

An icon of Mexican culture. This dog does not have hair on almost all of its body, only in some areas of its head.

They have a very particular ancestral history and were considered sacred dogs in the Aztec culture, since they guided souls to the underworld. Until today they are highly respected in their country of origin.

Tibetan Terrier

This is one of the oldest dog breeds in history. Its appearance has been preserved through the years. They are a medium-sized breed, have an independent character and are characterized by their long, smooth coat, which you must constantly brush to keep it healthy.   

Big pretty dogs

Without a doubt, large breed dogs are imposing and represent character, authority and care to their owners. However, this does not mean that many of these breeds are the most tender and faithful in the world. Let’s see below which are the most beautiful large dogs.


This talented dog does very well in the water, which is why they are used as rescue dogs. Their large size makes them imposing, but their character is extremely docile and attached to human beings. They can weigh up to 70 kg.    

Tibetan mastiff

Originally from China, it is a breed of large dogs with a firm, loyal and friendly character. They are mountain dogs, so their fur is abundant.

They can live for up to 14 years, but they often develop diseases such as hip dysplasia or neurological problems.

Great dane

The personality of these canines is as gigantic as their size. They are considered one of the most affectionate dogs with humans. They have a hunting instinct and are defenders of their masters, curiously their origin is German and not Danish.


Formerly used as police dogs and now as surveillance dogs in some houses, this breed undoubtedly has a protective and territorial instinct, which can be teachable if you dedicate yourself to their education from an early age. They can measure up to 70 cm, and live 12 years.

Neapolitan mastiff

This breed is believed to have existed since before 700 BC. They are originally from Italy and were raised by Roman soldiers in ancient times.

Despite their gigantic appearance, they are very gentle dogs. They require great care of both their fur and their eyes.

Japanese Tosa Inu

This breed is characterized by its kindness and attachment, especially with the smallest of the house, since despite their size they are tender and loving. They are calm but also alert and protective of their masters.

Saint Bernard

It is also considered one of the largest breeds of dogs and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful. They have a particular, smooth coat with some waves that give it elegance. They are generally spotted with most of their hair between white and light or dark brown. They can weigh up to 100 kg and measure almost 1 meter.


This dog is of British origin, it has a beautiful appearance and a very particular coat that is characterized by its grayish tone. One of the most outstanding curiosities is that they usually have heterochromatic eyes, that is, each one of a different color. They are friendly and very playful.

But remember, our dogs are undoubtedly the most beautiful dogs in the world, so although this is a selection of the most acclaimed dogs, any dog, whether or not of breed, will give you happiness and love. Give everyone a chance, without distinction.

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