Top 20 French dog breeds

Breeds French dog are so popular and loved, as is his country of origin, where each of these species possesses a completely unique look and personality.

Stay with us if you want to know all the characteristics and curiosities of these dog breeds, each one more wonderful than the last. Remember that here you can know all the breeds of dogs.


It is one of the most famous French dog breeds in the world, with different variants that can be distinguished by weight and size, but most of them are small, not exceeding 38 cm in height.It is rumored that its true origin is in Germany, until its French variants were known, which are as dignified and elegant as expected.

They are also estimated to be the most intelligent breed of dog, being portrayed in famous paintings and being present at the French court.

French bulldog

Frenchies are also small dogs, which can weigh up to 12 kg and have a beautifully plump appearance.They were developed by dressmakers in England, to later be transferred to France, where their curious ears were formed, thanks to some crosses of species.

They tend to have quite loud snoring, mainly caused by the shape of their flat face, so you have to be vigilant for the presence of allergies or respiratory problems.

Brie Shepherd

If you like dogs with a lot of fur, then you will like to meet the briard, with a striking appearance that stands out for its long and smooth mane.In the 18th century it was separated from its cousin, who has a shorter coat, and considered for many tasks, such as herding or search and rescue.

They originate in the Brie region, as the name implies, so it is no coincidence that they share a name with the famous Brie cheese, which also comes from that region.

Pyrenean Shepherd

It is a breed of French dog of great height and abundant fur, and can weigh up to 50 kg, although, for that reason, they can suffer from bone diseases or mild dysplasia.

Its origin dates back to 1,600 years BC, being a descendant of the great Doge of Tibet, and used in many tasks, mainly herding.

Something quite curious is that this French dog has dual nationality, since it originates in a mountainous region between Spain and France, so it is a Franco-Spanish breed.

Dogue de Bordeaux

They can weigh up to 65 kg, with a robust and large appearance, and although it is an ancient breed, its behavior today is quite calm.

Despite this, in many regions they are stigmatized and classified as dangerous dogs.

Is one of the breeds of French dog older than exists, and that just is not known exactly what their origin, but it is known that in the fourteenth century was his first record.


Butterfly dogs have a small size, which does not exceed 30 cm in height, but curiously they are quite energetic and intelligent.

Thanks to its incredible longevity, which is estimated to last up to 15 years, it is a breed that has been used in many jobs, being the muses of great painters and rodent hunters.

They were even part of the aristocracy, as they were the popular mascot in the seventeenth century and had a large presence in the courts of Europe.

Basset hound

These French hounds have quite a characteristic appearance, which stands out thanks to their large head and elongated ears.

It is estimated that the origin of the original breed was in the 19th century, however, the current breed was formed years later, thanks to different crosses.

They have starred in some television series, animated and the occasional movie, in addition, they were an important source of inspiration for the famous playwright William Shakespeare.

Tawny basset of brittany

This breed of French dog is usually medium in size, and depending on their breeding, they are usually quite playful and sociable species, but they cannot be kept locked up.

This warning is considered, thanks to the fact that they have an important past being used as hunting dogs, where they used to meet in packs to work and even had a characteristic hunting mode.

Even today, this breed is used as rabbit hunters, thanks to its compact size.

Normandy Artesian Basset

This is a beautiful and very affectionate French dog, which is usually medium in size and suitable for being in different spaces.

For the development of this species, it was necessary the crossing between two breeds of Basset, to form the Artesian that we know now.

Keep in mind that it is not a good watchdog, however, it has certain skills as a hunter and possesses incredible intelligence.

Gascony blue basset

This breed has a quite striking appearance, which is due to its fur and peculiar coloration, quite similar to a bluish tone. They are medium in size, but they do not usually weigh more than 9 kg.

The formation of this breed was achieved after several attempts, and it was only possible by testing with different crosses. Although, in a period of the XIX century the breed was almost extinct, but it managed to survive thanks to a timely intervention.

Great Pyrenees

A very popular and well-known breed, mainly thanks to its beautiful appearance and all the tasks it has used throughout its history, such as rescue, herding or sled dogs.

Its exact origin is still uncertain, but it is believed that its true place of development may have been in Asia, in its eastern region, to be more specific.

A curious fact is that these dogs have 6 toes on their hind legs, in order that they can have more stability and greater movement in snowy terrain.

Griffon Korthals

They are large French dogs, reaching up to 60 cm in height and with mostly gray fur, with some scattered spots.

It is known thanks to its good skills as a hunter, since this is a breed that was designed with that intention, given some crosses between hunting dogs.

They are dogs that should not be kept indoors, and even if this happens, their hunting and survival instincts will encourage them to escape from any unsafe environment.


This is a truly accommodating breed, being dependent dogs, but at the same time, very obedient. The French water dog stands out for its beautiful curly coat and, as its name implies, for its great fondness for water.

Like many dogs originating in France, these have certain hunting skills, it is also believed that they used to work in rivers and swamps, thanks to that they are given their name. 

They have even been part of royalty, since a king of France was a lover of these species.

French pointer

The pointer is a large French dog, reaching up to 70 cm in height and with a truly elegant demeanour. Although there are different variants of this breed, the French stands out for the spots on its fur.

For a time the species was abandoned, being replaced by other breeds considered “more functional”, but nowadays, dog lovers have made an effort to improve the genetic characteristics of this breed.

Saint Germain Braco

As is common among these dog breeds, the Saint Germain Pointer is not only known for its loving and loyal nature, but also for its incredible hunting skills.

It is considerably large in size and even has a certain resemblance to a Pointer breed. However, this breed is native to Saint Germain and quite well known in its region.

They were very close to extinction, but they prevailed and in addition to being used as hunting dogs, they were also present in dog shows.


Known as the largest herding dog breed in the entire region of France, with a formidable appearance and a height of up to 70 cm tall.

Their development took place in the Middle Ages and for a long time, they were confused with the French Briard, until both species were duly differentiated.

Unlike other herding dogs, this breed does its job quite calmly and quietly.

Grand basset

Of all the Basset variants in France, this is the smallest species. Well known in its region, however, it was only recently that it made its way to other nations.

A quite affectionate and playful species, which was conceived in the 19th century and created with the intention of obtaining an expert hunter, with a smaller size than usual.

It has an incredible sense of smell, which along with other qualities, such as its great intelligence and obedience, has been considered an excellent hunter.

Breton Spaniel

They are dogs of good height, but at the same time, they have a fairly light weight. Although, their tendency to escape must be taken into account, since when they are behind a prey, they forget all their surroundings.

It is quite well known in France, while it has great popularity throughout the world as a pointing dog.

Not only do they have good longevity, with an estimated life span of up to 14 years, but they also tend to be in excellent health.

Ariège Hound

It is a fairly versatile breed and adaptable to any environment, although it is also quite energetic, so it needs enough free space to develop.

This breed was conceived by crossing some French hunting dogs, being created with the intention of obtaining an exemplary hunting dog that was much better than its ancestors.

They can be very noisy, especially since they have a rather characteristic and peculiar bark, easily recognizable.


It is another of those great hunting dogs originating in France, which has natural abilities for the art of hunting, and needs a lot of exercise throughout its life.

Its creation was possible, thanks to the contribution of hounds that are currently extinct, and even this breed was close to being, but it managed to survive the French Revolution.

They have an incredible sense of smell, which allows them to perceive odors from miles away

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