The qualities to properly educate your dog

Getting your dog to obey is not always easy and requires time and patience. Fortunately, there are methods to help you do this. 

You communicate with your dog through a verbal and also non-verbal mode (gestures, smiles, positions). The two must be in harmony. Practice using your body, arms, etc. If the dog is not listening to you and obeying, it may not be itsfault. A misunderstanding of your message is often the cause of such behaviour. The masters say: “My dog ​​does not listen to me” and never: “My dog ​​does not understand me. However, we must also question ourselves. This is also valid in all teaching.

Trust and credibility

When giving your pet an order, you need to be self-assured and confident. In addition, your speech must be credible  You have a clear feeling whether or not a person believes what they say. The dog also has this faculty. If you are unsure of yourself, the handler-dog relationship will be broken.

The same goes for all family members. Everyone should find it normal that the dog does not sleep in your bed, if you have decided to do so. Otherwise, it will quickly spot when it can wallow on the bed! And you will no longer be credible when you scold them. Authority is also very important in getting your dog to listen. It allows obedience to be obtained without resorting to physical coercion. So that doesn’t mean “to be harder”. Children often have a lot of authority over the animal, without being brutal.

Patience and good humour

You must not want to go too fast with your puppy, otherwise the risks of failure multiply. Patience is the first quality of the master. How many times do you see a master talking softly to its puppy who refuses to walk on a leash, only to pull them violently home! The puppy will only remember this nervousness, and it will be very hard to renew the learning. To be patient, you have to be in a good mood! and still in the same mood!

Your reaction should not be different for the same silliness depending on the day. If your dog destroyed a brand new pair of shoes, you will be very angry. It will have to be just as much if he “does a spell” to your old slippers. A pair of shoes is a pair of shoes, that’s it! You must be constant in your orders, in your reactions and in your attitude of dominance.

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