How does the dog define its territory?

The puppy, as soon as it arrives at the house, will build benchmarks for itself. It is interesting to know them well, because their stability is essential for the success of education and for the balance of the animal. There are four of them: the territory, the owner (and the entourage), strangers and other animals. You should try to use these specific points, and especially to modify them as little as.

The dog’s territory does not exactly overlap with yours, even if it lives in your home. Moreover, it will be divided differently. In nature, the territory of an animal or a group is an area prohibited from access to any “stranger” and often very well guarded. The boundaries are marked by odors. The animals, for example, rub against the trees which define their “home”. Your dog will, of course, assimilate the apartment or the house to its “home “. It will extend this area to the garden if there is one. We will see later how to make them respect these places so that it does not spray them regularly with urine !

In nature

There are packs of wild dogs. Their territory then comprises three zones: the center, generally occupied by the dominant; an intermediate zone, inhabited by males who would like to be chiefs and their females; then the periphery, occupied by young males. Puppies in a litter will organize their territory around the mother .

She herself will one day push them to explore space by “rejecting” them. Your dog is not a wild animal but it keeps certain behaviours of its ancestors.

Outside the house

The notion of territory is very present, even in pets. It will simply express itself in a different way than in the wild. In the garden or in the street in front of the house, your dog will feel at home. It will then be threatening towards any other dog entering this territory.

In the House

The dog is therefore what we call a ” territorial ” animal (unlike the cat). The puppy will quickly mark out three areas at home: a eating area, a resting area and a needs area.

Education will consist of demarcating these areas with them. It is indeed out of the question that he chooses to settle in the only armchair in the living room or on the bed in your bedroom. Your role will also be to ensure that these zones are respected once they have been delimited.

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