Teach your dog to behave well with others

Master / non-master cleavage

Your animal is part of your life, you cannot imagine yourself for a single minute without it. This is quite understandable. But you don’t have to occupy the rest of the world or get angry with everyone because you have a hairball in your home. You also don’t have to think that everyone loves dogs.

Some people, without hating them, do not wish to have animals in their homes. The masters must accept this position. Relations with non-masters will only be better. The reasons for an animal’s “refusal” may seem aberrant to you: presence of hair, fear that the animal will damage the sofa, and so on. A “good” teacher aware of its rights and duties must tolerate this attitude .

We must recognize the right of others not to like dogs or not to want to receive the dog of others in their home even though they have one. Some people, for example, are afraid of dogs, of your dog, and do not want to say it openly you have to guess.

The master must be a fine psychologist towards its dog, but also towards other people. The master / non-master divide is often due to the masters themselves, and this situation is very negative for everyone.

So, to properly educate your dog and make it pleasant to everyone, you need to know how to make it go unnoticed, that is to say that you do not see it: either because it knows how to be discreet, or quite simply because that he’s not there.

Yes ! You can go out without them. The animal is, we remind you, a plus in your life and not a brake. You must be convinced of this. Sometimes you can and should go out without them. An animal that is too attached to its owner risks developing certain behavioural disorders, grouped together under the name of ” separation anxiety “.

Here are some typical situations, as well as the obstacles to overcome and solutions. Anticipating animal behaviour is the first step in education. Correcting it in difficult situations is the second.

Your friends have a pet

When you arrive at a friend’s house, it doesn’t seem right to you to open all the doors, ask if you can sleep in the bedroom and put on Monsieur’s pajamas! It is the same for your animal. It is not at home. You should not let them sniff all over the place, or open all the cupboards, even if it is a puppy.

The problem is that this exploratory behavior is normal in a young animal. It will still have to be prevented. The rule of thumb is that your dog should respect the territory of any other animal (if there is one).

Your friends have a cat
It is up to your dog to be quiet even if the cat comes to see them. It’s not for the cat to hide under a bed all evening. In general, the cat, after being frightened if it is not used to dogs, returns discreetly. It is up to the cat to be “safe”, even if this seems difficult to achieve in practice. If your dog can’t stand seeing them, give them its leash and tie them up.

Your friends have a dog
The situation, in the event of disagreement, is more complicated. Neither dog will give in. It is essential to know that it is up to you, as the owner, to give in for your animal. If you have to lock up one of the two dogs to avoid a fight, you have to choose yours. Indeed, even if it is the other dog who attacks, it is badly brought up, it is certain, but it is at home.

In the interest of your animal and the rest of its education, the other should not be locked up. Your dog would then have the impression that wherever it arrives, the domain is reserved for them. It must be aware that in others it has no appointed place .

Your friends don’t have pets

They agreed to receive yours, either knowingly because they have already had a dog, or in total ignorance. They thought that an “it” dog sleeps all evening under the table. During this famous evening, they realize that no: Rex is not sleeping at all.

They like animals
They told you so; you believed them. They like them but don’t like the consequences (hair, pee…). When they saw the hairy Briard arrive, they said, “Oh… it’s big and it’s got a lot of hair. “Yes, it’s a dog! Your dog who smells a neutral territory of animal odours but filled with human scents will regain the instinct of marking.

As we know that to mark it urinates, it is better to be wary! It is in this situation that we realize that learning the territory at home is fundamental. Because if your animal respects the prohibited areas in your home, it will respect the areas foreign to its domain.

If you have trouble with friends, resume education at home. Because you should not expect to do anything during the evening. The first remarks of the friends will have made you lose the authority on the shit. The latter feels it very well. Also, as soon as you raise your voice, your friends will gently oppose you with a, ” Leave it, it’s adorable .” “

They don’t like animals.
They haven’t made it clear to you. They wanted to be nice. But when you arrive and they offer to lock them in the bathroom all evening “to make them better”, you understand ..Too late!

In general, your dog behaves the most badly. It’s lost this time. The lesson to be learned from all of this is that you shouldn’t try to go everywhere with your dog at all costs. Even with a well-behaved animal, there are some situations that are too difficult to handle. Teach them loneliness ; you will spend, each on your own, even more serene evenings.

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