Teach your dog to behave well outside

After learning at home

You have succeeded, by dint of perseverance, in educating your puppy so that it behaves perfectly at home. Your task is far from over. It must now behave equally well outside and among others .

Who has never heard the traditional remark: ” It never does that at home “? Whether the excuse is sincere or not, if the dog has behaved badly in the world, the first person to blame is the master. In this case: you !

The education of your dog is a reflection of your own education. When you go out, you pay more attention to your behaviour; will your dog make you look like a joker? You have to convince yourself that the education of your animal must also be useful to “others”.

Public places

They are to be respected as much as your home and private places.

You all know that a sign with a crossed out dog means “Forbidden to dogs”, it is even sometimes written in full “Forbidden to dogs even on a leash”. No need to be the one who did not know.

The respect of these prohibitions is part of the duties of the teacher. If the place is authorized for the dog, make them respect the partial prohibitions: lawns, flowers, sandboxes… We understand all the interest of the recall order in this type of situation. You can only go out with your dog in public places when it is following basic orders.

The street and the passers-by

You have to accept the idea that your dog may annoy some people. You don’t have to necessarily defend your animal. It is true that certain remarks are sometimes derogatory and unjustified. Try not to provoke them through education.

Keep your puppy on a leash

You can let go of them when it is older and it follows you. The leash will allow you to correct bad instincts, especially that of jumping on everyone. Even if it is passers-by who provoke this reaction when they find them cute, it must be taught to ” resist “.

As soon as it rushes at someone, pull on the leash and then say, “ Sit down !”  Pressing on the hindquarters if necessary (although this is not recommended, this situation allows it). If the person wishes to stroke it, it must remain seated . Big licks can be annoying and you have to understand it.

Your dog must know how to walk correctly in the street without constantly passing from one side to the other. In the street, the main thing is to know how to “talk ” to the dog on the leash. You must make them understand that this territory does not belong to them. It must remain “neutral” in all situations. This rule is even more valid in public and private places .

As you will have understood, learning the street is very much linked to that of walking on a leash .

The bikes

Cyclists who complain about dogs chasing them are right. This chase behavior is instinctive in dogs but dangerous; above all, it should not be encouraged. Unless you want them to participate in a greyhound race! If you are going to ride a bike with your pet, teach them to run next to you.

This is not insurmountable. It is enough that the teacher is convinced that it is useful . Have them walk beside the bike with a leash on them. Take it easy, of course. Guide it with the leash that you pull from time to time to keep the distance between you and the bike. It will then get into the habit of always staying the same distance from the bike.


Just because you are in a garden doesn’t mean the dog has to go anywhere. Your dog should understand that it does not have to mark statues and groves with his urine. Take it either to the reserved areas (some parks have them) or to the outskirts of the walking areas. Private places are also regulated, and often much more supervised!

Food stores

Tie your dog in front of the bakery. It should not urinate, detach themselves, or scream. We have seen that punishment should be avoided as much as possible. But you can use it in this case. You have the dog in front of you and you can act “in the act”.

If it starts screaming, come out and scold them with your voice or hit them with a newspaper. If it behaved well, congratulate them. If its behaviour is too painful, do not take them for a few days, but resume education. You have to get your dog used to waiting in front of a store at a very young age.


We have already stressed that you should not ask too much of your animal. We must avoid putting them in insurmountable situations for them and being forced to scold them. We believe that proper behaviour in a shop while the owner is choosing an item of clothing is beyond the reach of some dogs, unless they are tired. Even then, they will lie down full length on the way.

Private places

Here again, it is important to respect the instructions given by the owner. Even if these do not always seem justified to you.

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