Potty training your dog to go outside

The problem when you want to teach your puppy to defecate outside is that you have to keep an eye on them to quickly see what it wants. The advantage of getting an “outdoor” cleanliness is that the dog will “find a rhythm”. You will be able to take it out at regular times without constantly observing it.

How to organize your dog’s outings

The new difficulty for the dog is that it must now “ask” to go out or hold back and wait for the time of the walk. It can no longer go to its journal as soon as it wants to. It will therefore be necessary, at first, to decide for them and anticipate its desires!

It is also very important to regulate your “desires” . You will quickly notice that the puppy eliminates after a good sleep and after the meal. At the same time, you will notice that a puppy sleeps often and eats often . It will therefore have to be taken out often!

The rhythm to be adopted is as follows: take the animal out just after meals , after nap periods and after play times. Do not wait any longer for the warning signs of a desire, because the time to prepare yourself, to put on the leash, to take the elevator… it has already been done! It is best to feed the puppy at set times and not to give it anything between meals. This facilitates the regularity of its “desires”.

Once outside, limit yourself to a specific area for your needs: one or two trees for example, in a quiet street so as not to frighten it (the smells that permeate the tree will stimulate it on subsequent outings) . If you live in a pavilion, avoid making them defecate in the garden. They are indeed proportional to the size of the dog. The puppy’s needs aren’t bothering you at the moment but, unless you have a forest for your garden, when your little furball weighs 40 kg you will see things in a whole new light!

Once the needs are met and only in this case, extend the walking area . The puppy must understand that he is defecating and then that he is walking. Otherwise it can take hours! On the other hand, if it defecates quickly, do not come home immediately, or it could refrain from doing so, later, to extend the outing.

Don’t be afraid to sound silly when rewarding them. The dog must feel your “immense happiness”. It will then wait until the moment of the ride to relieve themselves and arouse your joy. Once the rhythm is taken, it becomes natural for them to hold back and go outside. Caresses are no longer necessarily necessary.

The gutter

It is important not to neglect this learning. Droppings on a sidewalk are indeed just as disgusting to passers-by as the droppings that the masters can find on their carpets!

The easiest way to teach them the gutter is to walk to the edge of the sidewalk for the needs. As soon as the animal gets into position, you gently pull it into the gutter by pulling on the leash. This will prevent you from dragging it from the place of walk to the gutter and… arriving too late!

The night

It is, of course, out of the question to take the dog out at night (unless it suits your lifestyle). On the other hand, you can take it out as late as possible in the evening and as early as possible in the morning depending on your schedule. At the beginning, the dog will make the night on its newspapers then it will hold back. If it does around the house on its newspapers, don’t reward them in the morning (like you did before). Do not say anything.

On the other hand, on the day when the newspapers are clean, take it out as soon as you get up and express your joy. To help it hold back during the night, you can remove the water bowl in the evening around seven o’clock, which will prevent the urges being too urgent.

If you keep the time the dog poop indoors to a minimum and you don’t worry about failing, the chances of failure are minimal.

To help you

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The cleanliness of the dog in summary:

To do
– Consider having them defecate outside as quickly as possible
– Take the puppy out after every meal, nap, play session
– Give them its meals at fixed times
– Reward them abundantly
– Always go out in the same place
– Delete the water at night

• Devoting a large area (all cooking) needs
• Remove the puppy on the balcony or in the garden
• The punishing “offline” or put her “nose in”
• Clean before him

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