Potty training the puppy

In general, it is the learning of the toilet that preoccupies the masters the most. They are often very afraid that they will not be able to do this and that they will have to mop and clean for the entire life of the dog. Rest assured: this situation is very rare! Here’s how to teach your puppy to be clean

Dog toilet training

Bad habits in this area are very difficult to break, and rehabilitating a dirty dog is tricky. This learning often conditions all the others. Because, if the master fails, it will feel unable to breed a dog or will consider that his dog does not understand anything. The handler-dog relations then deteriorate and become not very conducive to an easy and happy education.

Anatomically, the control of the sphincters (the muscles which allow you to “hold back”) is not complete before 4 months. The puppy understands quite quickly (around 2 to 3 months) that it is necessary to do its needs outside the place where it sleeps (it owes this to its mother, who moves it away from the “nest” so that it does. its needs). It is harder for them to assimilate than he now has to do outside the house. At first, it can be done at home but in a specific place, then you have to take it out as quickly as possible !

When and why?

Do not ask around at what age the puppies got clean, it varies from animal to animal . You will only be able to fret if your dog is a little “late”. There is no need to worry before 7 or 8 months, even if the norm is between 4 and 6 months.

The “why” of cleanliness does not arise. Although… Some owners, who have very small dogs, such as York or Chihuahua , are not always convinced that it is essential that they defecate outside. But the dog toilet is outside! (besides, it’s not just anywhere). It is not very healthy for a dog, even a small one, to defecate forever on a mop or on the balcony.

The basic rules of cleanliness

1. Do not wait: The apprenticeship must be done between 3 and 5 months. “ Me, I’m waiting for them to be taller and understand that it has to go outside. Above all, do not follow this idea that some masters wrongly adopt. Indeed, the 3 month old puppy fully understands the orders you give them.

2. Tolerate small accidents: Be aware, however, that there are “accidents” for some time, even in an animal that has become clean. Do not accept them but tolerate them ! Likewise, forgive small forgetfulness due to emotion.

Punishments are to be strictly banned in potty training. Potty training is the epitome of positive rewards education. It is useful to remember it, because some masters cannot bear to “let pass” the little pees on the floor.

3. Clean up out of its presence: Never clean up the “mess” in front of the animal: your sitting position, with a sponge or mop in hand, will encourage them to play. We do not punish them, but there is no nothing to rejoice in when h e forgets themselves. Putting its nose in it is pretty negative.

The dog does not feel any particular disgust for its poop but, feeling your repulsion, the next time he will do under a piece of furniture so that you do not see them(proof that it understands very well, even small!). It can also eat its droppings to make them disappear.

4. Shorten the “home” period: We cannot avoid the “toilet” at home, since the puppy must be fully vaccinated to be able to go outside (although there have recently been vaccines that allow them to go out very early) . But the time during which the puppy defecates at home should be as short as possible .

Have the right equipment at home if needed

Potty training a puppy is an important step in its education, and if patience is required, you must also know how to equip yourself with suitable equipment. Educator mats from brands like Smug Pets or Simple Solution allow your pet to learn where it can defecate and where it is forbidden, which is particularly useful when it does not have access to a large outdoors. There are also dog training toilets, like the ones offered by TeaQ, and even dog litter boxes with synthetic grass at affordable prices, like at Sailnovo. The well-being of your dog can therefore rhyme with reduced price!

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