Infallible tricks to play with the dog

Bored dogs are not happy animals, so they need games to stimulate their minds

Bored dogs are not happy dogs. These tricks and games help you combat your boredom.

  • Choose toys well. Toys are not a luxury for dogs, but a necessity. Having a variety of toys can go a long way toward breaking your boredom.
  • Squishes or balls? There are dogs that prefer soft toys, others that prefer balls more and some go crazy with dolls that make noise. You have to take into account his preferences when choosing the most suitable toys for him.
  • Playing with food is fun! Who does not enjoy a good plate of food with new flavours and homemade recipes made with love? In this task, they can help make homemade cookies and even follow several tricks to fill the kong toy with the most delicious and tasty canine snacks.
  • Tasty toys. Interactive toys to make dog food more stimulating are all the rage. Plus, they are a fun and healthy way to activate your mind. Pellets of feed hidden in tubes, which the animal needs to remove with its legs, and even puzzle-shaped dining rooms replace traditional bowls. In this way the pet’s mind is exercised and has fun!
  • Funny smells. It is common to underestimate how important the nose is for dogs. However, one of the reasons a dog enjoys outdoor walks so much is hidden in its nose: Smells fire its mind. Any ideas? Create a crawl track and play find a very smelly hideout.
  • Teach you new tricks. Dogs are intelligent animals that also need to feel useful and know new things. Tricks, such as learning to sit up, teaching them not to pull on the leash, or training them to come when called, can be valuable educational tools and great fun for the dog!

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