Memory Foam Mattress or Latex Mattress: which is better

Introduction Did your mattress stop wanting to support you and you decided to change it? Do not worry, you are about to enter the jungle of the types of mattresses that the market offers. The risk is that, at the end of the day, you will probably be more confused than before. Learning to understand how to choose … Read more

Natural Pillows and Synthetic Pillows: what is the difference

Discover the materials for soft pillows In this article we explore the materials of your pillow, starting with the fundamental distinction between natural and synthetic pillows. Natural Pillows The classic feather and down pillow has outstanding characteristics of softness, anatomicity and comfort, thermoregulating, breathable and dehumidifying qualities as well as being ecological and recyclable. It is usually lined in … Read more

How to prepare Chamomile tea for sleeping well

How many of you prepare a chamomile tea before going to sleep to promote rest? It is one of the most deeply rooted habits and in every family there is or has been a grandmother who made us a warm chamomile before going to bed. And even today, when the temperatures drop and fall in the evening, … Read more

How to fall asleep right away

It’s morning and you’ve spent another sleepless night in bed with a single question in your head: “How to fall asleep right away?” Why are there people who, as soon as they touch the pillow, are already having a chat with Morpheus and you, on the other hand, take a lot of time every evening? We … Read more

Three most effective herbs for sleeping

Do you declare war on the pillow every night? Do you often find it difficult to fall asleep, or do you wake up too early in the morning? If sleeping has become a nightmare and you’re sick of staring at your bedroom ceiling for hours, it’s time to discover and test for yourself the most effective sleeping herbs. In fact, there … Read more

Side effects of melatonin for sleep

After so many nights in which you can’t sleep, fatigue takes over and, with fatigue, nervousness. Agitation, anxiety about getting into bed, and daytime sleepiness are just some of the consequences of not sleeping. After a period of insomnia it is normal to lose patience and seek the quickest remedy to rest at night. Many people resort to melatonin. But is … Read more

Chronic insomnia: what is it?

Let’s find out together what chronic insomnia is, a problem that affects more and more people. It is a sleep disorder, we are talking about chronic insomnia when the difficulty in resting continuously during the night becomes a problem that lasts over time. Who hasn’t slept poorly and poorly, in a moment of great psycho-physical stress, or following a strong trauma? However, insomnia becomes chronic when it … Read more

The secrets of sleeping well

An old Irish proverb states that a good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book! All of us in the course of life have realized how indispensable these two elements are and above all, how much in order to enjoy the first we need the second, or to sleep well. In this article … Read more

What is the correct sleeping position?

We often underestimate the importance of a good, restful sleep. Being able to rest well during the night has a strong influence on the well-being of our body and mind. In short, about our life in general. Can’t sleep well? Have you ever been unable to sleep because you can’t find the correct sleeping position? Or waking up with back … Read more

Consequences of getting little and or no sleep

Sleep is half bread, says an ancient proverb. Even if you’ve never heard this saying, it’s easy to understand its meaning: sleep is as important as food par excellence, bread. Folk wisdom is not entirely wrong, because sleep is a form of nourishment for the body. In fact, it is while we sleep that our batteries are recharged to … Read more