How to fall asleep right away

It’s morning and you’ve spent another sleepless night in bed with a single question in your head: “How to fall asleep right away?”

Why are there people who, as soon as they touch the pillow, are already having a chat with Morpheus and you, on the other hand, take a lot of time every evening? We have collected the answers and tricks that will help you fall asleep in no time.

Ah, also your express ticket to the world of dreams is a constant surpriseYou will learn about sleep stages, sleep techniques and natural remedies. This train is first class!

Before leaving on the train of “How to fall asleep immediately” we do a reconnaissance tour

If you have always been a dormouse and in recent times you have turned into a night owl we recommend that you, first of all, stay calm. Yes, it’s true, not sleeping is devastating: you feel heavy-headed, your eyes burn and your thoughts struggle to fit one after the other.

Little consolation might be the thought of not being alone. He thinks that as many as 45% of the population suffers from chronic or transient insomnia. The difference between chronic and transient is given by time. It is called chronic insomnia when it exceeds six months. Below this figure it is called transient insomnia.

Keep in mind that there is no’ insomnia more severe than another. Of course, chronic insomnia will require all your patience to be resolved. But as the saying goes “whoever lasts, wins!”.

Transient insomnia is, as the term implies, linked to specific moments or situations.

So, the first point you need to pay attention to is the moment you are experiencing. Is the work in a highlight? Are you going through major personal changes? Or, in general, are you in a stressful time for so many reasons?

Last but not least: all insomnia is linked to habits that must literally be eradicated.

So no matter where you are, take a second and… breathe!


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