Chronic insomnia: what is it?

Let’s find out together what chronic insomnia is, a problem that affects more and more people. It is a sleep disorder, we are talking about chronic insomnia when the difficulty in resting continuously during the night becomes a problem that lasts over time.

Who hasn’t slept poorly and poorly, in a moment of great psycho-physical stress, or following a strong trauma? However, insomnia becomes chronic when it does not manifest itself in a short period of time, but refers to a period that is prolonged over time. It is in fact a real chronic insomnia when the difficulty in sleeping appears every night, for at least a month of time.

Can’t sleep well? Disorders such as difficulty falling asleep, frequent awakenings during the night, continuous alternation between sleep and wakefulness or premature awakening at night are typical of insomnia: if these disorders accompany us for months or even years, then we are faced with a problem of chronic insomnia.

Often those affected only try to learn to live with it, because over time they cannot find a solution. It is not easy but the solutions exist: talk to your doctor right away if this disorder is undermining the quality of your life.

Chronic insomnia and emotions

There are different sleep disorders or different ways in which insomnia occurs. Generally the person suffering from insomnia accuses the same situation almost every night: for example, the problem tends to always manifest itself at the same time, preventing you from resting properly.

If we asked more people to describe their insomnia, we would certainly get different answers. The final effect is the same but the way it manifests itself varies from person to person. It can be argued that a period of serious worries can cause insomnia which is dissolving as the problems are resolved. However, when the problems of everyday life take over and we no longer feel in control of our reality, insomnia begins to become a faithful and heavy companion who does not show signs of leaving us.

Our thoughts and emotions have a great impact on chronic insomnia and are one of its main causes. The ability we develop over time to deal with the various situations of life greatly affects the quality of life itself and its rhythms: sleep is one of the indispensable rhythms that keeps us in balance.

If, on the other hand, we allow ourselves to be conditioned by the negative events experienced, creating a hood of fear around the situations and letting the frenetic and anguished mind take over, we are creating a fertile ground for insomnia.

Sport and in particular some holistic practices such as yoga and meditation can be of great help in these cases: they calm the mind, remove stress, they can help reposition us towards what life is facing us by helping us to give the right weight to everything, and favor the natural rebalancing of the person. On the other hand, we do not recommend melatonin, which has frequent and important side effects.

Chronic insomnia and lifestyle

Chronic insomnia is a fixed presence that manifests itself every night, preventing the body and mind from regenerating, as they should do at regular intervals.

Sleep is essential for the well-being of the whole organism: sleeping badly or sleeping little has long-term consequences, even if at the moment we think it’s just a matter of fatigue. We offer some ways to fall asleep in this article.

The lifestyle we adopt is closely linked to chronic insomnia: we can consider it excellent news, because if we discover that our lifestyle affects insomnia, we can understand that it will be necessary to change certain habits to see improvement, day after day, difficulties related to sleep.

Furthermore, this means that we are directly responsible for our well- being: being able to adequately modify our behaviors we can have the ability and the strength to improve and resolve insomnia.


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