Why do dogs love some toys and ignore others?

Soft, smelly toys that the dog can chew on and that make noise are their favourites.

Have you bought a dog toy that has been ignored within minutes? And hasn’t it happened to you that your dog loves other toys that he never seems to get tired of? Experts reveal the secret to this mystery: dogs are fascinated by soft, smelly toys that can nibble to shreds. In this article it is pointed out which is the favourite toy of dogs, which toys bore them and why even the least stimulating one is fun if its owner plays with it!

What is the dog’s favourite toy?

Have you bought a toy for your dog and ended up being ignored by your four-legged friend, gathering dust under the sofa? If it is any consolation, you should know that you are not alone. Experts clarify that there is a lot of science in the reasons to understand why some toys become the favourites of dogs and, on the other hand, others bore them.” Dogs interact with their toys in much the same way as wolves interact with their prey : this explains why dogs prefer toys that taste like food and also toys that can destroy a thousand parts. So what is a dog’s favourite toy like? A toy that the dog likes will be soft, easy to handle, it will make noise during its nibbling. In addition, it will be easy to chew or be designed to be eaten. These characteristics, however, do carry some health risks for four-legged friends. And is that a toy that breaks into pieces can cause the dog to choke, which justifies the convenience that the dog’s play with these objects should always be supervised to avoid unnecessary dangers.

What toys bore dogs? If food-flavoured toys are among the dog’s favourite objects for fun, as they stimulate their minds, which are the most boring? “Toys that are too hard, with a smooth surface, as well as those that do not make noise when nibbled by dogs are objects that are very likely to bore you soon. Although few dogs can avoid approaching a new toy, and exploring it with their nose, snout and paws, when it is too hard to be nibbled or lacks an attractive scent, it is easy for the dog to soon lose interest in it.

How to make dog toys more attractive? Dogs and children are not that different, at least in some ways like play. Therefore, studying children’s behaviour during play allows us to extract some keys to make dog play more interesting. “As we know, children prefer to interact with new, unknown objects. This preference for the new is what psychologists call neophilia , and it is a tendency shared by children and dogs. This explains why a new toy may be more attractive to a dog than a familiar one, if they both have the same characteristics.

Three out of four times dogs prefer a new toy over an old one with the same characteristics, which shows that new objects are better and more interesting for dogs. Hence, rotating the toys each week makes them appear newer and more attractive to the animal. After this time, it is convenient to collect the accessories that you have been using and change them for others that were stored. A tip : since all dogs have their favourite toy (a favourite stuffed animal or ball), this can always be kept at the disposal of the four-legged friend.

Why do dogs love to play with their humans? A toy without an attractive odour, or that does not allow to be nibbled at ease, can bore the dog. But what happens when a beloved human joins the dog game? So the appeal grows for the four-legged friend! “For an animal as social as the dog, a toy that is potentially not stimulating on its own can be transformed into a fun one when a loved one participates in play.

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